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Strange PVR Problem

So I have a Bell ExpressVu PVR in Canada. I have it set up to tape a number of shows every night, and usually do not have any problems. Starting on Monday, there were a couple of shows that I taped that would not play when I went to play them, giving me an error. I tried to watch both Heroes and 24, but got the error, so I deleted them. I thought that it might be the weather, so no big loss. When I went to watch other shows that did tape, it turned out that they were all mislabeled. For example, Friday Night Lights was listed as lasting 60 minutes, but when I went to watch it, it was actually PTI at 30 minutes. How I Met Your Mother listed at 30 minutes was actually 24 at 60 minutes. PTI turned out to be Heroes. It seems like the header information got all jumbled up, but it wasn't consistently wrong (nor was it off by any noticeable trend like being one behind).

I still have a number of shows still on PVR, but I can't tell what they are just by looking at the listing. I've gone into all of them, and some of them are legit, and some are different shows (but all are shows I tried to tape, so it is not as if the channels programming has changed). I can do a reset but I am afraid I'll lose all of my recordings. I am more concerned about this continuing to happen in the future.

I know that most of the people on this board are in the US, but I was just curious if anyone has had the same issue with their PVRs?
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