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American Idol -- Final Six -- 04/25/06

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View Poll Results: Who will be going home on Wednesday night?
Katherine McPhee
Kellie Pickler
Chris Daughtry
Elliott Yamin
Paris Bennett
Taylor Hicks
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American Idol -- Final Six -- 04/25/06

Old 04-25-06, 09:04 PM
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I would like to have a poster of Kat hanging in my office - wearing (or not wearing) that dress tonight. Wowzers.

If Kellie isn't gone after butchering a song for the 2nd consecutive week, there's no point to this show anymore.
Old 04-25-06, 09:04 PM
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early dialidol results have
paris and pickler vying for the bottom spot
Old 04-25-06, 09:13 PM
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i have the mega McFever

wow... her singing was ok but that dress

Chris didnt impress me as much as Elliot did
Old 04-25-06, 09:25 PM
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Poor Katharine. With the way she was dressed and the song she picked, I am sure she expected to hit it big tonight. After checking out all the performances a second time, here is my ranking:

1) Chris - The vocal and performance connected with me more than the others. I think he now moves to the top of the pack ahead of Taylor and his future in rock is really bright.
2) Katharine - After listening to it a second time, I thought it was very good. Sure she missed a few notes, but she misses notes every week but makes up for them in the end with her overall performance. She got lynched by the judges who seemed to want to knock her off her high horse.
3) Elliott - He gets this spot out of default. He has a good voice, but he is bland and repetitive week after week. He really has no star quality and I look forward to his performance the least each week. I could see him spinning Chris's records some day as a DJ.
4) Taylor - He seemed to struggle throughout and now seems to lack consistency week to week. His old band should have him back soon. However he has the charisma Elliott will never have and still has a shot to win it all along with Chris.
5) Paris - I grew up a big Barbara Streisand fan and Paris, you are no Barbara Streisand. Nothing personal Paris, but I liked Lisa and Mandisa more than you from the beginning.
6) Kelly - My 10 year old son has voted for you every week Kelly, except for this one. I voted for Katharine and would not let him vote for you.

As for you Paula, I know you were all screwed up because your Ace was nowhere to be seen.
Old 04-25-06, 09:53 PM
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My review/rankings this week:

1. Elliott had by far the best vocal tonight for me, no question. I even like his lingering vibratto when he holds notes. I just wish David "i know everything" Foster hadn't kept barking for him to change it up. I know they don't want them to sound like they're just cloning the original, but to try and make Elliott sing it in a way that was confusing, and (Randy was right) with a strange-sounding arrangement, really irritated me. He's not going to sound exactly like Donny Hathaway's studio version anyway. For one, he's singing live, and two, their voices are (obviously) different. In the end he did fine, but I hope his fans don't think he's safe and only vote once or twice. Kellie and Taylor, who were absolutely the worst tonight, have people mass voting regardless of how shitty they do, so Elliott's fans need to show up again like last week.

2. Chris - Ok, one major problem with this guy. Why does he feel the need to perform every song as if he's about to gouge someone's eyes out? Even doing these "tender love ballads" in the past two weeks, his singing has been fine, much more subdued (although he does get a bit too jittery sounding at times). But...he still has this intense, pissed-off look that makes him come off like a possessive boyfriend singing to a girl who's trying to end the relationship. I dunno...maybe it's just the closeups of his bald head and caterpillar black eyebrows that weird me out. Total stalker vibe with these slow songs. Maybe he feels the need to come off hard every.single.time to maintain his rocker image. I also can't stand the way he cocks his head back and keeps it there for the whole fucking song. Get some new moves, dude. Still, he had the second best vocal of the night IMO, and it was pretty funny when he semi-lightened up and got down on the floor to sing in the rehearsals.

3. Katharine was very good, but it's hard to do Whitney. I don't really have any major complaints except when she sings these big ballads her voice can get a bit shrill on some of the high notes. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

4. Paris - She was good once again. I can't believe how much her voice reminds me of Gladys Knight's. She did oversing at times, but no doubt she has a powerful voice and she controls it pretty well. I still think she was part of an experiment where a 40-year-old's singing voice was transplanted in a 17-year-old's body.

5. Taylor - The first minute and a half was pretty bland and almost karaoke-like. Then it's like he finally woke up in the last 30 seconds and showed some real soul and emotion. I'm not saying he should sing the whole song loud and gritty, but he was a little too soft and flat up until the end, and I was getting bored. I don't think waiting for the "big finish" is a wise move if the first part of the performance is that snoozeworthy.

6. Kellie - What can I really say? It was thin and sharp throughout, with only a few strong spots. Her voice can be sweet and pleasant sounding, and then she'll go and crack a note or two that'll make me cringe. It was by far the weakest vocal, and if she makes it through it'll be solely b/c of her rabid cult and the idiots who will throw sympathy votes her way. She doesn't need them! This is why she keeps making it through. Just b/c she's been critical of herself doesn't mean people should feel sorry and keep her in. She has to go this week. But I hate to say it, I doubt she will. Someone much better will be sacrificed.

Last edited by gnradd21; 04-25-06 at 09:56 PM.
Old 04-25-06, 10:01 PM
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Elliott was best tonight, although I don't really like that song. His vocals were excellent.

Chris was second best.

Katharine was good, I have no idea what the judges heard to slam her like that.

Paris was good too. I like her style, but she did but too much show into the song. You don't need to overdo it like that.

Taylor wasn't bad, just not great.

Kellie was terrible again. I could barely recognize what she was singing, and it was my wedding song. And that big note "I NEE...EEED your love" was absolutely laughable. I'm convinced Foster made her do that as a joke, he couldn't have been serious.
Old 04-25-06, 10:15 PM
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My wife and I think Kat was by far the best tonight, followed by Taylor and Chris. Elliott was good, but not as awesome as Paula thought.

Kellie really stank the joint up tonight, and I've been pulling for her for awhile, so that sucks.

Methinks Kellie or Paris leaves tomorrow night
Old 04-25-06, 10:15 PM
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Watching the first performance, and I saw my girl Kat McPhee on...

Those 3 judges are freakin' craaaaazy!!

I can't believe they talked that much smack about the best Idol contestant (and future wife of mine), Katherine McPhee.

They tore her up, just because she doesn't sound exactly like Whitney?

She's the most natural contestant on stage.

Bastards... bastards.
Old 04-25-06, 10:17 PM
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I wouldn't have a problem with either Kellie or Paris leaving tonight, and Taylor didn't impress me ether.

I actually think Kellie showed growth tonight, but it also exposed all her limitations. The thing that puzzles me about her is that she bounces between twangy country voice and a 'normal' singing voice. My theory is that she grew up listening to a lot of country and affected a twang in her singing, but her natural singing voice doesn't actually have a twang. So it just kind of bounces between twang and no twang. Carrie Underwood did it both ways as well, but not randomly in the same song. And come on, she can identify a singing issue as being 'robotic', but is clueless about 'ballsy'... riiiiight.

And Paris... the enunciation is killing it. When she's singing a long note she sounds great, but when she has to actually sing lyrics it's too sharp sounding. There's no musical flow to the words she's singing unless she's holding a syllable in a note. She has amazing power and range, but the verses just aren't pleasant to listen to.

Elliot was impressive tonight. He sang that song with authority and precision.

Katherine. I didn't think her singing was that bad. Not perfect, but still probably the second or thind best performance.

Chris... not bad at all. Perhaps a little less blown away than the judges, but still not bad.

Taylor... had some good parts in there but a lot of it was a mess.

I'd rank them
1. Elliot
2T. Chris & Katherine
4. Taylor
5T. Paris & Kellie
Old 04-25-06, 10:21 PM
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Chris deserves to win this thing. He is just flat out good every week. Elliott or Katharine should be runners up.

Although I have always liked Taylor from the very beginning, he is showing more and more that his vocal talent is just not good enough. His antics can only carry him so far. He has to have the vocals and some nights (like tonight) he simply doesn't. This was his worst performance.

Pickler is better than people give her credit for (not tonight) but she doesn't hold a candle to McPhee. This may be the week that does her in.

Then there is Paris. Actually I believe she is much improved over the first few weeks of the competition. In fact, I would say she is the most improved. However, I have never liked her - can't put my finger on it - and I believe there are a lot of voters out there who feel the same way. If she's not gone tomorrow then I think it will be next week.
Old 04-25-06, 10:30 PM
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Overal, a pretty boring week

Katharine - Not all that good but still the best of the night.

Elliott - Good vocals again, but the boy aint got no soul in his singing.

Paris - She's got the pipes but lacks any emotion, plus she was smiling like a god damned fool while singing a sad song.

Taylor - He's got two speeds, Dull vanilla & hyper over the top cornball.

Kellie - A dreadful beauty pageant performance, Worst of the night by far.

Chris - I personally find his singing style to be a dime a dozen, Just don't see what everybody sees in him. At best he is a singer for a 90's cover band.

It seems to me the all of the performers have gone down hill from the first few weeks. I begin to wonder if American Idol is giving these kids some really poor coaching.
Old 04-25-06, 10:33 PM
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Just saw Kelly's performance:

Ok, she actually didn't do too bad this time around. I'm a tad bit impressed. Pretty flat on the parts that were easy to sing, but she hit some great notes.

Randy: "You think you butchered this one too, huh?"

Paula: "I dunno. I'm jus' really scayerd."

Since when did Paula get hardcore with her critique?

Rest assured, if Randy says something nice about someone before her, she'll sing the same tune. Same goes with the neg. comments.
Old 04-25-06, 10:34 PM
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Kellie should be summarily executed for destroying one of my favorite songs.
Old 04-25-06, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by antennaball
Kellie should be summarily executed for destroying one of my favorite songs.
This is not saying much, because it is Kellie we're talking about, but not all together remembering her past performances (good indication that none of her past performances were memorable?), I would say this was her best one yet -- despite the flatness in the early-to-mid part of the song.

Again, not saying much, but still...
Old 04-25-06, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by TabascoKid
Perhaps this will FINALLY get rid of Pickler!

Pick Pickler as the worst!
It won't. Not as long as all the simpleton fucks in this country control most of the voting. All things considered, she deserves to go home. Not just for tonight's shit performance, but for pretty much sucking each and every week since the competition began, save for a couple weeks when she was mediocre. I think Paris is getting the boot tomorrow, though.

Last edited by SexualPudding; 04-25-06 at 11:20 PM.
Old 04-25-06, 11:20 PM
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And the dialidols results are...


Katherine, Kellie, and Paris in the bottom 3 with either Kellie or Paris leaving (though leaning towards Paris).

Edit: As pointed out below, there are still parts of the country voting so this may change...

Last edited by Heat; 04-25-06 at 11:29 PM.
Old 04-25-06, 11:21 PM
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Kat - Who the hell did she piss off? I mean, that wasn't the best vocal ever, but it wasn't Ace singing We Will Rock You either. Their complaints about her were way too harsh. She will get all of my handful of not Taylor votes tonight. Chris gave up this week's support, and I really think Kat is set up to leave and I won't have it. Oh, and she looked incredible. Even a straight woman can see that.

Elliott - The vocal was incredible. Ok, did Paula need to cry about it? I don't think so. Regardless, I won't be voting for him because, although he is good and tries so hard, I just can't seem to care about him. He does seem to have taken the Pickler pimp slot though and, with his getting better each week, he may have a shot.

Kellie - They should have cut the mike. Seriously. That had to have been a crime somewhere. Hopefully, people love that song enough to not vote for her, but I doubt it.

Paris - Except for her version of Conga, I have never not liked her vocals. However,there was nothing for me to really relate to with that performance. It was kind of *shrug* She may be in big trouble this week.

Taylor - I still love him, but that was lazy and he knows it. Why he lets that deep amazing voice just lay there I will never know. He's coasting and I want my Taylor back.

- I hate that song he sang so much that I can't possibly support him, even if his vocals were pretty good. He made me listen to a version of that crap song. No votes for you this week young man.

It was funny how Foster and the judges really disagreed. They seemed to go out of their way to say he didn't know a damn thing. Did they feud before this show? That was just odd.

Originally Posted by Heat
So... what are the final dialidol results?
Some of us still have an hour and a half to vote.

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Old 04-25-06, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by AJW
Anyone know who the woman was in the audience who got the very long closeup at the start of the show?
Stevie Scott, the opera-loving chick from the top 24.

In a nutshell:

to Elliot, Chris, Kat and Taylor

to Paris and Kellie

Go home Kellie.
Old 04-25-06, 11:52 PM
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Elliot was the best by far and Chris was a close second. Chris had really been dropping like a rock the last couple weeks, but this could redeem him.

I agree that Katherine wasn't that bad, but the three girls just could not come close to the three guys tonight. I really disliked Paris' The Way We Were. It's a song that deserves emotion not screaming.

I'll repeat what I said last week, but I'm doubly sure now. If Kellie, after that second disaster in a row, doesn't make the bottom three, she goes against Taylor in the final two.
Old 04-25-06, 11:58 PM
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WOW, Chris just blew me away tonight. I love the tone of his voice.
Is it just me or does Taylor Hicks look like a fat George Clooney?
Old 04-26-06, 12:00 AM
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While I don't make a habit of watching the show anymore, I had to enter the room when Kellie was singing. It was scary and painful and cringe-inducing. Now that's what I call TV!

(Note to Idol contestants or wannabes: Don't sing "Unchained Melody." It is Simon's favorite song and you will get slammed for it.)

Also saw Paris' "The Way We Were." Does she always sing with absolutely no emotion? The way she was over-dramatizing the song gave me flashbacks to Ann Reinking singing "Against All Odds" at the Academy Awards...esp. that last dramatic breath. That's one flashback I just didn't need.
Old 04-26-06, 01:12 AM
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OK, the news teaser the local Fox network ran during Idol mentioned something about "find out the two idols who refuse to talk with one another..."
I couldn't catch the news tonight, does anyone know what they were talking about?
Old 04-26-06, 01:49 AM
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I think they are styling Taylor to look like Clooney in Syriana..

McPhee. oh boy.
Old 04-26-06, 06:10 AM
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Originally Posted by CPA-ESQ.
Did anyone see McPhee's panties? I had to rewind that part.
Damn, I deleted it after I watched it and missed that!!! Katherine is damn hot

My rankings:
1. Chris...I said it from the minute that he auditioned...He will win it. I love his voice, and each week, HE BRINGS IT!!! Sometimes he may go a little over the top but he is great. They are throwing shit at him like great love songs and Rod Stewert songs, etc. and he still knocks them out of the park. He is the best, bottom line.

2. Elliot...As others have said, the man doesn't show any emotion when he is on stage, but he has pipes and is purely a better vocalist than any of the others, better than Chris even, but he doesn't have the showmanship which is what will hurt him in the end.

3. Kat...The judges really piss me off. Of course she isn't Whitney, if she was better than Whitney, she wouldn't be doing American Idol. She is however very good, and VERY HOT!!! I think she did great tonight.

4. Taylor...I was a fan when it started, but he's kind of getting old to me. I don't think he'll make it much longer.

5. Paris...Yeah, she can sing, but I find her boring each and every week. Last night, she was great, but I found myself not paying much attention because she bores me to tears.

6. Kellie...Ok, she sucks. I hate the way she talks, I hate the way she acts like a dumb bitch. Get her off of the TV now!!! For like the past three weeks, she has butchered these songs and her performances suck!!! Her best week IMO was when she sang, "Give Them Something To Talk About" Ever since then, she has looked hot, but she just don't have it. I voted for her to hit the road!!!
Old 04-26-06, 07:10 AM
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Taylor is pulling a Justin Guarini - knowing that his popularity will carry him into the top 3-4, he is playing it safe and not singing big until the very end, when he will pull out the types of songs that he can sing the hell out of. That will lock him for the final.

However, lest one forget, that strategy did not win the competition against someone who brings it every week (Chris).

Right now, it's hard to say that Taylor and Chris aren't the final two. But frankly, I don't think either of them wants to be pidgeon-holed the AI. Both would probably prefer Pickler or Kat somehow leapfrogging them

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