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I went through the hassle of registering on this site for just one reason. That 14-year old kid who has the "Lizard" is retarded.

Jesus H Christ, what Iquana in the world affects lights and eats straight salt?
There has been enough clues for this kid to know that what he has is not anything he's ever read in his science books. This is no Iquana.

When the animal control agent got electrocuted that stupid kid right then and there should have had the sense to know his life was in jeopardy too.

The writers are way off base on this story thread. I don't mind suspending belief for a good story arch - but when a man dies common sense has got to kick in. Running away with a pet lizard is just goofy.
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The kid is definately not firing on all cylinders. I wonder if he has been mentally affected by the creature, like the guy who lost his brother keeps zoning out and acting irrationally.
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I believe the kid is quite aware it is not an ordinary lizard.
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Have you seen ET? The kid clearly knows it is not an ordinary lizard. He also knows what will happen to the creature if the authorities get ahold of it. He has grown attached to it, like most kids become attached to pets, and is trying to protect it. However, he is finding it increasingly difficult to control it and make it into something it isn't (i.e. a domesticated pet). At some point, he will probably meet up with the scientist woman, and she will study it in a non-lethal manner.
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he's too busy thinking about his sister and spanking the monkey
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The kid is retarded in some fashion, or gets his jollies off looking at the "thing". I only let myself watch the first 3 or 4 episodes before I banned it from my house. During those episodes, this kid looked like he was looking at his fathers Playboys every time he looked at the "thing". The whole show is just stupid.
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Surface usually airs tonight doesn't it?
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NBC is showing three episodes of "Medium" tonight because of Halloween. I guess "Surface" isn't scary enough.

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