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Best/Favourite Law & Order..?

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Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Twikoff
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Best/Favourite Law & Order..?

Old 05-21-03, 10:01 PM
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Best/Favourite Law & Order..?

Which of the three Law & Order shows do you think is the best/favourite?

Personally, I think SVU is the best. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I like all of the cast. Chris Meloni is cool. So's Ice [just from his personality, I think he'd be a great cop]. Mariska is F I N E. And i've liked Belzer since Homicide.

CI would be second. I like D'onofrio, but his partner isn't that memorable.

As for the original, i've seen a couple of eps, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make it a habit. But I will give 'em props for maintaining an audience with all the cast changes they've gone through..
Old 05-21-03, 10:07 PM
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D'Onofrio is

Ice T =
Old 05-21-03, 10:11 PM
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I like Law and Order the best.
Old 05-21-03, 10:12 PM
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They're all good but I still like the original the most.
Old 05-21-03, 10:16 PM
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First is tough, I really like both the original and SVU. I can take or leave CI.
Old 05-21-03, 10:59 PM
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1. SVU

2. Original

3. CI
Old 05-21-03, 11:22 PM
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SVU is my favorite by a large margin right now.
Old 05-22-03, 06:59 AM
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As much as it pains me to say it I think I like SVU best right now followed closely by the original (Jesse Martin is just yummy). I don't watch CI becuase it conflicts with Alias.
Old 05-22-03, 07:57 AM
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Criminal Intent is my favorite.
D'Onofrio is AMAZING!

SVU is my second choice.

Both of those shows I don't miss every week.

The regular Law and Order, I only catch every once in a while and don't care for it as much.
Old 05-22-03, 08:10 AM
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Law & Order is the greatest drama of all time.

However, SVU is the greatest Law & Order currently.

CI is just attrocious.
Old 05-22-03, 08:14 AM
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You forgot one...

Crime and Punishment...which is coming back on 6/1 at 10PM. It's technically not part of the L&O universe, but is still under the brand. I just wish they could get permission to head into the jury rooms like Vs. did last year on ABC.
Old 05-22-03, 08:17 AM
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I pretty much think of Dragnet as another Law & Order as well.
Old 05-22-03, 03:54 PM
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You have to give it to the original one, just because it was the first. I know everyone like SVU but I like CI personally more

As for Crime and Punishment, I like it, but it's Dateline to me. Anyone know if it was shot in San Diego like last season?
Old 05-22-03, 04:56 PM
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SVU Mariska Hagerty (nice rack & sexy walk)

Chris Meloni (always looks pissed off)

CI: D' onforio (great actor)

L&O: Lenny Brisco (great sarcasm)

L&O Elisabeth Rohm (worst casting ever)
Old 05-22-03, 05:27 PM
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The original is my favorite.

I must say SVU has gotten a lot better this year. The first year was too much into the team's personal lives IMO.

And D'Onofrio is the only reason to watch CI.
Old 05-22-03, 06:24 PM
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I'd say currently, SVU. I love Stephanie March and Mariska Hargistay. Belzer, Meloni and Ice-T all do great jobs. Hell even the FBI profiler guy and Dan Florek are great.

I think Sam Waterston is the best DA, hands down.

Vincent D'Onofrio always provides the best performances, but I don't think that show is the best.
Old 05-22-03, 06:39 PM
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I've said it before, I'll repeat it here -

Jerry Orbach rules.

I vote original L&O
Old 05-22-03, 07:37 PM
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Definitely Law & Order: Criminal Intent. D' Onofrio does an excellent job on that show. His character is the mast of mind-f**king and why he has not been nominated for an Emmy I do not know.
Old 05-23-03, 01:02 AM
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I love the original and I still think it's the best show however... SVU had a better year!

SVU has really come into it's own this year with stronger character development all around. In previous years it seemed to be always Stabler and Benson. Nowadays it's the whole ensemble and I especially like the add of Wong to the mix.

CI started off great but can someone rein in Goran??? I mean really, he's begining to become the show and quite honestly I think that makes it boring! Everyweek some kinda diatribe by his character! I know he's suppose to be the lead but c'mon it's getting ridiculous! It seems every week ends in interrogation with him that quite frankly strains my disbelief. I see him interrogate these people with their lawyers present and the lawyer never says a word??? I mean what's up with that?? I think CI has the ability to be the best but let's rein Goran in PLEASE!!!

L&O is still the standard and still a great show!! After a so-so season last year it rebounded to have a great season. The previous year it seemed every case had to be about the conspiracy behind the crime, never the crime itself. This year they seemed to re-discover that the crime itself was interesting. Better stories this year all around. Improvement of the Sutherlyn character and D.A. Branch brought in a nice antagonist prescence!!

I love all three and am really disappointed with the move of SVU against BLUE! I love SVU but I really love BLUE so it's not really a matter of choice! The only show i'll give up BLUE for it the original L&O! Maybe I need invest in a TIVO???


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Old 05-23-03, 01:47 AM
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1. SVU
2. The Original

Never had the willingness to toon in every Sunday to see Criminal Intent . Maybe because Vincent D'Onfrio (or however you spell the man's last name) is always the focus. His partner barely talks. I want to see both partners interegating the suspect. D'Onfrio might as well do the series alone.

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