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Friends 5/8/03

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Originally posted by sherm42
Say what you will about John Stamos, he does have some sitcom talent and they completely wasted him in this episode. If you are going to go to the trouble of getting him for the show, why not use him?
I agree - people talk like he has not talent what so ever - he knows what he was doing. He did a good job w/ what little he had to work with, imo.
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Originally posted by Mordred
Can anybody give a short synopsis of the episode? The power at our house went out yesterday afternoon so when I got home right at 7:40 the TiVo was off and I'd missed it.

Synopsis below:

Plot One: Monica and Chandler learn that they can only conceive two ways. First, they can use a surrogate, or second, they can use a sperm donor. Monica doesn't want to use a surrogate (which makes Joey happy, since now he doesn't need to elarn what "surrogate" means), so Chandler brings home a good-looking guy from work (John Stamos) so that he and Monica can surreptitiously interview him to be their donor. Wacky hijinks ensue, and Monica and Chandler ultimately decide to adopt.

Plot Two: Ross is competing to be the keynote speaker at a conference ("Ross: If I get it, I'd love for all you guys to come hear it. Chandler: Gee, we'd love to, but we all have to work, have sick relatives, or have other commitments. Ross: It's in Barbados. Chandler: But you come first."). Ross presents his thesis to the guy who's going to decide, but the guy falls asleep in the middle of the presentation. Ross tries to sneak out, but winds up in the guy's lap, waking him up. Ross hugs him and says "Thank you for picking me to be the keynote speaker," to which the guy can only say "You're welcome."

Plot Three: Joeys' girlfriend Charlie needs new clothes, so Joey asks Rachel to take her. Phoebe comes along (see Plot Four), and Rachel and Phoebe sneak off to a dressing room to discuss the fact that Rachel likes Joey, but won't act on it because Joey's dating Charlie. Charlie overhears, but thinks it was Phoebe who said she liked Joey. Rachel lets her continue to think that.

Plot Four: Phoebe gets invited to a party by Mike's (her ex-boyfriend from earlier this season played by Paul Rudd) sister. She wants to look good so Mike will get jealous and realize Phoebe's over him (which she's not), so Rachel takes her shopping for a really good dress. She buys one (causing Joey to put down his food and say "You look hot -- "stop eating" hot! That's the highest kind of hot there is!"). She leaves the coffee shop to go to the party, but runs into David (her scientist ex-boyfriend played by Hank Azaria), who is now back in town and single. She blows off the party and they go off together to get something to eat.

And that's Friends in a nutshell.
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Stamos was wasted.

Phoebe was hot.

Hank Azaria is back! I like his character. They should keep him. Also, the new squeeze for Joey. (Ross' colleague) She is hot. I think she fits in pretty well. What is her name?

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