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Originally posted by Wizdar
I donít think itís fair to judge TV based on what your gf makes you watch
No kidding. Reminds me of that clown in the DVDTalk forum who refuses to watch The Matrix because his wife and her girlfriends didn't like it.
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Sheesh. Some folks just donít get the relationship crap.

ďBecause my wife doesnít like itĒ is one reason Iím sad to see Tremors go.
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In reguards to what my girlfriend makes me watch: All the shows I named are either #1 rated shows or shows that are extremely popular with my demographic (25 years old). It's not like she's forcing me to watch some "chicks only"/"I'll never like it in a million years because I'm a guy" shows. I've seen Six Feet Under and (I may be the only person who's ever said this) I thought it was mediocre at best. I've seen three episodes and I know I never want to watch it again. Used to like Sapranos and Sex inthe City but that was years ago when they were good shows. 24 and Alias don't interest me because you have to loyally watch them every week or you might miss something (sorry I have a life), the West Wing is a liberal soap box.

But the bottom line is. With work and family and girlfriend I have only 4 hours a night to watch something. I usually can squeak in 2 DVDs if I'm lucky. I've got no time to watch something mediocre when I could be watching all my MASTERPIECE films.

What's on tonight? 24 right? or American Idol? I'll be watching the western masterpiece Winchester '73 with Jimmy Stewart directed by Anthony Mann and after that I'm either going to watch Fellini's The White Sheik or Richard Fliesher's The Vikings. I'll pick those over American Idol any night.

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