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Buffy 02/25

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Buffy 02/25

Started off looking like it would be a really horrible episode, but it got better. Give it time. And why can't you just masturbate like the rest of us?
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gee this aussie saw this episode before most of you yanks

a bit different, not a bad episode but seemed a bit of a filler to me
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I totally agree. The first part of this episode was just horrible, but it did rebound a bit. I still would say that it is the worst episode in quite a while. It's too bad, because it did have potential...
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They are getting ready to hit a dry spell for the next month or so with Buffy, so naturally they make filler as they don't want to start anything big with a long gap.

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I thought it was good from beginning to end..

Anya had some great one-liners amongst other thing which i'll discuss after everyone else has seen it.. [too lazy for spoiler tags]
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I thought it was pretty hysterical!

Andrew: "Look at that window sash"
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I too thought it was funny. Good to have a change of pace every now and then and have a fun episode.

Anybody know when we can expect more new Buffy? They didn't show a preview for next week so I assume we won't get anymore until it's time to start the final arc.

Judging from the end:
I think that we can anticipate the demise of either Andrew or Anya soon. Also, look for the Principal Wood and Spike angle to come to a head soon. Finally, anyone else think that it would have really been somewhat of a barrier breaker had Buffy actually killed Andrew? True, it would have made Buffy less sympathetic, but logic would dictate that she start taking whatever approach will bring her victory and to do that some people who may not deserve death will die.

Also, were the spots with Dark Willow (flashback only, no spoilers) new material with Alysson or were they stock footage from last season?

Finally, is the actor who plays Andrew the same guy that does the Eclipse breath strip commercials? They look a lot alike.
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Holy crap! That was great!
Andrew really cracks me up.

Man, I really enjoyed that episode

Buffy/Andrew confrontation
was wonderfully played.
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after reading the first few posts I was almost dreading tonight's episode. Good thing they were wrong. A really fun episode that actually moved the plot along. While I don't like the way they have basically pushed Xander to the side and replaced him with Andrew, I do think his character works. To the previous post asking if that was new footage of Dark Willow, no it was spliced together from last season. With the development tonight between Xander & Anya am I the only one who senses something really bad is going to happen to one of them? All in all a pretty strong episode and it feels like they are picking up steam. Plus, it was nice to see the whole issue of Buffy & her speeches dealt with.
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Not a huge Andrew fan here, but I thought it was a pretty decent episode. It does look like this being the (potentially) last season, that there would be more A+ material and a little less filler.

On a related note, here's an interview with Tom Lenk (Andrew) discussing the episode and the series future from

Buffy Geek Gets His Own Show!

Tom Lenk, better known as Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is scared. Not because deadpanning the best lines in each episode, like this admonishment to Buffy "Where the hell have you been? This funnel cake is kicking my ass" greatly increases the odds he'll be typecast as a comedic actor. And not because he realizes he has just crooned the lyrics of the original Star Trek theme song to someone (read: me) who will undoubtedly play the tape for her coworkers. Tom Lenk is scared because Buffy fans may not be prepared for tonight's chilling episode, in which Andrew films a "Buffy-mentary" and confronts his past as a member of the Evil Trio. "It's very bizarre in that most of the show is me," he says. "I don't know if America is ready for that much Tom Lenk." Set your phasers to stun. We're going in. Mandi Bierly

TV Guide Online: Joss Whedon tailored the character of Andrew to you. And you tailored it to... Betty White?
Lenk: If you look at Golden Girls, Rose is just there for the ride and doesn't get how stupid she is. I sort of approach my scenes the same way she approached hers say the stupidest thing, but say it with complete conviction. Joss Whedon's dad, Tom Whedon, was a writer and producer on Golden Girls, so it all comes full circle.

TVGO: You were the one who told Danny Strong that Jonathan was being killed off. How'd you do it?
Lenk: We were skimming the script, and I had gotten ahead. He got done, and he wasn't upset. I was like, "Did you read such and such page?" He's like, "Huh?" I'm like, "You might want to go to this page." I had to point it out. He read it, and [then] he was a little upset. (Laughs) I was wondering why I was still around.

TVGO: Why are you still around?
Lenk: I'm the comic relief guy. I guess a lot of fans resent me for killing [Jonathan], or whatever, but there's a purpose for each thing... I once saw a website where fans could say what they thought of my picture, and it was devastating. You can't stop reading the bad comments once you start. So I took a tip from Danny. If I don't read it, it doesn't exist to me. (Laughs)

TVGO: What would you like to see Andrew do before the series ends?
Lenk: I keep telling them I'd like to work a round off-back-handspring in somewhere, 'cause I could do that. And I'd like to see [the Scooby Gang] forgive him. He's not the only person that's killed people. That's all I'm saying.

TVGO: What about hooking up with Dawn?
Lenk: I'd like to see, perhaps, a nice shopping montage with Dawn at the mall, getting our ears pierced, eating at the food court, a little Avril Lavigne playing in the background. You never see where they buy their fancy clothes on the show. I definitely think it would be interesting to see Andrew take a love interest, although (laughs) he's probably not committed to where he stands in that area.

TVGO: If the Evil Trio had gotten a song in the famed musical episode, what would it have been?
Lenk: We always joke that we would have had a boy band number, which would have been very cute because Adam [Busch] is in a band. I started out in musical theater. And Danny sings, even though he says he doesn't. He's also quite the dancer.

TVGO: With all the talk of a possible Buffy spin-off, have you been pitching one for Andrew?
Lenk: Of course. Danny and I keep suggesting that the season finale, which is potentially the end of the show, should end with me kneeling down at Jonathan's grave, putting blood on my face like Willow did [when she resurrected Buffy]. After I resurrect him, we build a robot of Warren, and then we have our own show.

TVGO: And then what?
Lenk: Then we're hired by the government to use our powers for good, and we're given a watcher, which would be played by Morgan Fairchild. Danny had a run-in with Morgan, and she's apparently a big fan of his and of the show. Let's do it, Morgan. I'm ready.

TVGO: What doors has Buffy fame opened for you?
Lenk: (Laughs) Preferential treatment in retail stores. I've gotten lines opened up for me. I liked that. People that you would never think watch Buffy buy me drinks. And when I'm getting scanned at the airport, the security officers are very friendly.

TVGO: Last fall, you headlined a "Crimelords of Sunnydale" fan convention in Northern Ireland. It ended with a disco ball. Be honest. Did you attend?
Lenk: These conventions all end with a disco, and like "fancy dress is optional." It wasn't crazy people dressed as vampires everywhere. It was a couple of vampires and some people wearing their Renaissance Fair costumes. It's fun, and it's funny, because you meet such characters. It's sort of weird because... am I following the path of Leonard Nimoy or something?
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I really, really enjoyed the Dark Willow/Andrew confrontation.


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Good episode, yeah Andrew was great lol, i liked how Robin almost staked Spike, that was kinda funny!
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The good:

Andrew finally coming to terms with what he did. The actor played it out very well, and considering how little interest I had in Andrew's well-being, it worked.

More Jonathan is never a bad thing.

The Xander and Anya scenes. It was nice to see some basic human interaction and emotion that didn't revolve around magic or evil or anything.

The meh:

The 'comedy' parts. I found one or two amusing, but most either felt like uninspired filler, or very stilted and out of place. I appreciate the concept, but the execution was lacking.

Kennedy. I still can't stand her (She's all of the sudden a member of the core group? Whuh? She's like the annoying sister you had to play with when you were at a friend's house), but she wasn't on screen much this week, so it worked.

Did I miss some exposition about the missing Giles?

The bad:

I now have more sympathy for Andrew than I have for Spike, Buffy, Willow, or Dawn. That can't have been intentional.

Was there any explanation about the ritual the Students-turned-Bringers were doing? It made the seal glow, but so what? If it were actually an important and beneficial ceremony, wouldn't the First have had the real Bringers perform it earlier in the season?

For that matter, was there any logic applied to the Seal? At all? Did they permanently disarm it? Did they even bother to bury it? How did things get so weird so fast (They went from "a little ahead of schedule" to "all hell breaking loose" in a week)? Why didn't they have anybody guarding the Evil Seal of UberVamp Summoning? Did anything important actually happen this week? Or does the First just have to convince another sucker (and there has to be one out there) to kill somebody on the portal, and we're back to square one?

The delaying of the Spike/Wood smackdown. It's nice that he tried something, but really, really irritating that they had those students interfere.

The pacing. It sucked. The episode just sort of wandered, and then it had a fast-paced ending.

Bleh. A flat-out mediocre episode, going by season 6/7 standards. A really weak way to end sweeps, but not horrible.
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I liked the episode.
A nice mixture of comedy, drama and action and thats what I like best about Buffy when it is done right.
I am enjoying Andrew. Funny guy.
Enjoyed the Xander/Anya scenes too.
Someone asked if the scenes with Dark Willow were flashbacks.
How could they be. The scenes had a different outcome.
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Great episode. The 'Buffy Speech' was hilarious, the look on Willows face was classic. So many cool little moments, that only harcdcore Buffy fans would get right away.
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I always liked the trio, and I always found Andrew funny so I enjoyed the episode, and was ecstatic when Andrew started bashing the Buffy speeches. I just wish that they would catch on to how annoying some things are before they make it into storylines instead of making a joke about how bad they are later. I knew as soon as Jonathon started crying that Buffy was looking for him to cry on the seal, but I still thought it was well acted by both of them. Overall this season doesn't feel very polished to me, but hopefully Joss can come in and clean up the mess by the end of the season.
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Heres some news about SMG...

EMAIL THIS STORY Gellar Will Exit 'Buffy' in May
Tue, Feb 25, 2003 05:39 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES ( - Concluding months of Internet speculation, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar will indeed be hanging up her wooden stakes come May at the conclusion of the show's seventh season.

While Gellar has given Entertainment Weekly an exclusive regarding her departure for its March 7 issue, sources close to the UPN series confirm to that the actress will not be part of the cast should "Buffy" return in the fall.

Much about the fate of the show remains up in the air. Core cast members Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon have both said they believe it's the final year for the show, but no official word has come down from "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon, UPN or producer 20th Century Fox.

Rumors of a possible spin-off still run rampant, although the most likely candidate -- based on the character of Buffy's fellow slayer Faith -- now seems iffy at best since actress Eliza Dushku (who plays the recurring role on both "Buffy" and "Angel") has signed on for a drama pilot with FOX.
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I love Jane. I love Joss. I love Tom Lenk.

For all of the obvious comedy, there was quite a bit of real seriousness in this episode.

Andrew's epiphany and subsequent tears being at the top of the heap. I loved the tears. They worked for me and so did Buffy's tenderness toward Andrew after he thanked her. He got it. He finally got it, but his redemption is not over. He hasn't had time for that. It's just begun. I'm rooting for that sweet nerd.

Xander and Anya. I see it mentioned that Xander is not over Anya, but I don't think Anya is really over Xander either. There was hesitation on both their parts. I will admit to possibly being blinded by my love for them as a couple and my desire for them to have a grand romantic moment before everyone dies. Relax, spoilerphobes, that was a joke. Of sorts.

I loved NB's delivery this time. His softened tone (I originally typed "tome" there. Perhaps I was envisioning Xan as the next Colin Cowie) when discussing the not-a-wedding was perfect. The way he said "I've apologized enough. That's what I have to say." Wonderful. He took something that could have come off harsh and made it palatable for the jilted bride and the viewer who cried buckets during Hell's Bells. That would be me among many others.

Emma was also quite wonderful with her, "And here's where we hop on the merry-go-round of rotating knives. I blame you and you blame me and we both end up all cut to shreds." Too right, Anya. Relationships are hard.

Now for the more fun:

Andrew in a suit is just fabulous.

In my plan, we are beltless. ~His delivery was a riot.

The much-drooled-over kitchen fantasy with Buffy the corn flake sex kitten and the shirtless Spike and the touching. ::dreamy sigh::

Wood was going to stake Spike in the back. No, no, no. Hurry up and die fella, and take Kennedy with you. She opened her mouth again in this episode unfortunately. And yeah, I get that Wood's mommy died by Spike's, but he needs to go far, far away and never try to make Spike dusty ever again. I do not trust him at all. Some people have compared him to Holtz on Angel. That he will go bad because of his desire for vengeance. I can see that, but I think he came to Sunnydale with a whole other agenda.

And how could I forget.....the Bringers.....actually creepy. Is this how they are really created?

If that is how they are all created, then does that mean there are other seals elsewhere? There were Bringers killing off the SiTs before Jonathan and Andrew came back to Sunnydale and uncovered the seal. Hmmm. So many questions. Filler episode? Ha! It had forward momentum, the funny, and the tears.

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It was a pretty good episode for the most part, I found it a little hard to follow in places, trying to figure out what was fantasy/reality/or flashback...the humor in this one was very good.
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I really enjoyed the humor in this episode. Yes it was more filler than anything but there were some important moments as well. Nice to see Andrew taking some responsibility for his actions and the scene over the seal was done well. I actually liked the fact that Wood tried to stake Spike. I'm sure I'm the only person that actually Wood to have his vengence but that's another matter. UPN didn't preview next week's episode, anyone know if we're in rerun land for the next couple weeks?
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The channel guide on my Replay TV did show at least next week's episode to be a rerun.
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Originally posted by Dr. DVD

Also, were the spots with Dark Willow (flashback only, no spoilers) new material with Alysson or were they stock footage from last season?
All of the flashbacks from Andrew were new material. It was all his version of what really happened.

Good episode, I thought.
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This episode had a promising start, but sort of stumbled on its way to push the macrostory along as Buffy had to use Andrew to close up the hellmouth seal (albeit temporarily).

Andrew's preoccupation with Xander's woodworking skills was hilarious (as my attention was being paid on Kennedy and Willow making out). Andrew defines the true "geek" voice on the show, so having a show from his point of view sounded like a good idea, but it just ran out of steam (though I did enjoy his fantasy-driven interpretation of past events) half way through.

Willow's reaction during one of Buffy's speeches was horrifically funny as hell. It's like the writer (Jane Espenson) knows how the audience is perceiving all of these Buffy speeches on the impending apocalypse and gives us a wink to the camera.

It was sort of good to see Xander and Anya admit their real feelings for one another a year after their almost wedding
(but I fear we are seeing a repeat of the reconciliation between Willow and Tara just before one of them gets the hammer).

I'd give it a grade of above average (when compared to the rest of this season).
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It's kinda funny... When Andrew was the only one of the three to survive, I was really dissapointed, as I thought he had the least entertainment potential out of all three. Good to see I was wrong.
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I did like the way Andrew said, Vam-piree!

I didnt feel the whole kissing scene between Willow and Kennedy was needed.
Why are they forming this relationship so late in the game? It just doesnt seem true.

Also like in the fantasy scene in the kitchen, said something to the affect, "Oh, I dont remember her name," like it was just another nameless Slayer in training.

Since the opening was sealed with tears and the first time the "First" went away was with snow, could this be one of th weaknesses?

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