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Raw 11/26

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Raw 11/26

I absolutely hate how they turned Undtertaker into one of McMahon's followers. It makes absolutely no sense and it totally destroys his character. I cannot see where they are going with this story line. Once again, they have ruined a solid character. But then again, in a couple of months he'll turn again. That always happens.
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Like I said, that was a sorry excuse of a segment. Have some wrestling for cripe's sake.
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While I agree that it was a bad idea to turn Taker nopw (because it doesn't fir his character), the WWF is the quinessential "push-down-pop-up" system. When someone is becoming a babyface, someone else has to become a heel. Unfortunately, since Austin is becoming a babyface again (while keeping his incredibly stupid yet vastly entertaining "What?" catchphrase, they chose Taker to become a heel and take his place. Since RVD doesn't associate with the allicance (all heels) and Vince (their new leader and permanent heel) anymore, Y2J became a heel to take his place. It's sad how quickly the fans turned on Jericho, he's still the best talent in the company (in all aspects, along with RVD and closely followed by Kurt Angle). It's also sad that anyone against the Rock is automatically forced to become a heel. And Edge is getting a huge face push too.

On a side note, Stacy is beoming one of my favorite women characters. She still can't wrestle, but I think she's the only natural woman left in the company, and for that, I support her. Looking good in a thong doesn't hurt either
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Ah yes.. well.. it's always going to have it's ups and downs. I like how Austin is getting some spotlight back.. and yes I agree.. the "fans" are turned way too quickly on people. Y2J prime example. In one sense, it makes the WWF's job easy to make faces and heels, but you have to wonder about some of the fans mental stability. I thought Austin was badass even when they were turning him into a puss.. and gawd was that annoying. I've always not liked The Rock. Sure he's got great mic skills and his stuff is funny. Why not be a standup The Rock? His wrestling is a little TOO predicable, and the People's Elbow is second in stupid factor next to the Worm, giving Scotty 2 Hotty credit for being as energetic as he is, while being one of the WWF's throwbags. Blah.. whatever.. I try not to think too much into it.. it's wrestling.. it's mindless entertainment.. enjoy it!!

(btw.. RVS and Kurt Angle ARE the best wrestlers they have, skill wise..)
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On "Raw", they showed a bit of the Macys Thanksgiving parade and there was Triple H on the float. I find it very telling that he's been on the injured list for six months, but still manages to find his way onto the high profile things, like the parade and "The Weakest Link". Rank has its privileges.

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