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Red Dog 09-13-14 02:29 PM

Need some help....re: Internet
I've got crappy Windows 8.1.

If I immediately go to IE after startup, I can connect to the internet. Like with this post. But after a minute or so, if I try to open a new tab and browse to a new site, I get the stupid spinning circle and cannot connect. Or if I go to a new site within this tab, no dice.

The internet apps on the Windows page also work.

So frustrated. This always happens when I'm forced to do Windows Updates and reboot.

edit: and same deal with Chrome. Cannot connect. Internet and wireless is fine -- I can connect no problem with my tablet and phone.

4KRG 09-13-14 03:50 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
This might fix it, run this command as admin from a command prompt

netsh winsock reset


Red Dog 09-13-14 03:59 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
Thanks but that won't help since when I click on it, it opens another tab and won't connect. It's totally bizarre. I have this window open and can navigate in this website, but no dice in another tab. Fuck Microsoft.

Ranger 09-13-14 04:14 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
Hmm, not sure if Windows Upate is the problem. Do you know how to turn it off?

start > run > type wuapp > change settings.

Red Dog 09-13-14 04:14 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
OK. I somehow got to that page. I'm really stupid - how do you execute that in Windows 8? I'm used to older Windows where you can easily find the run command.

Ranger 09-13-14 04:22 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
windows key + r would work. or start > type wuapp or run or windows update. You already did 4krg's command?

also at the run box type cmd and then ctrl+shift+enter instead of hitting enter to run as admin.

Red Dog 09-13-14 05:18 PM

Re: Need some help....re: Internet
I'm back after more frustration. I'm still stuck in one tab. Fuck this shit. I'm buying a Mac this week. Fuck Microsoft and Windows 8. I hated it 18 months ago and I still hate it.

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