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Why are PCI slot I/O cards so expensive?

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I was just looking at the prices of some stuff; I have two devices which need a parralel port connection, and only one parralel port, so I need an I/O card with an extra parallel port. Simple enough, you migh think. Now, before I got a new motherboard, I had an ISA slot card with a parallel port on it, but now I don't have any ISA ports on my new system and I need a PCI one. So I'm looking at the prices... and PCI cards cost three to five times what the same thing for an ISA port does! Why the hell are PCI-to-serial and PCI-to-parallel cards sooooooo much more expensive than the same things for ISA slots? Is there actually a proper reason, or is it just a conspiracy on the part of component manufacturers?

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Probably a production volume/demand problem. Not many people buy parallel ports anymore, especially for PCI. Since millions aren't sold they stay relatively high in price.

Check out this company. They manufacture cheap ones:
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X is probably right about the reason for the higher cost. The legacy devices are all finally starting to disappear. The ISA bus is gone on most new boards. I suspect the parallel port is next followed by the serial port and then the PS2 mouse/keyboard connectors.

I think I've seen some parallel port to USB converters, though I don't know that they'll be any cheaper than a PCI parallel port.
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