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Upgrade from USB 1.1 to 2.0?

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Upgrade from USB 1.1 to 2.0?

So I was showing my mom how to use her external USB HD to back up about 10 gigs of photos she has taking up space on her tiny 20 gig HD... we plugged the drive in and I realized she has USB 1.1 (her PC is an old PC of mine that I gave her when I upgraded a few years ago), so transferring all the files is taking all day. Is there a cheap way of upgrading to 2.0? I was thinking of having her get a USB expansion card, but didn't know if there was anything else out there.

edit: Was just looking at Newegg... I see several inexpensive cards... do most of these have hookups for the front USB ports so those can be used as USB 2.0?

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A few years ago, I bought an Iogear PCI USB card (3 ports) for one of my old PC. It cost about $19 at the time. Works great.
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I bought a four-port USB 2.0 card a few months ago for an old computer...only set me back $3 after rebate from Newegg. You should be able to find one for $10 or so.

In regards to your edit, mine only covers the back ports. You could always pair it with a cheap USB 2.0 hub in a pinch.
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The Rosewill linked by Nifty is a great little card and should do the trick. My neighbor bought one for the exact same reason.
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Originally Posted by bdshort
do most of these have hookups for the front USB ports so those can be used as USB 2.0?

Sure, just unplug the case mounted USB port wire from the USB header on the motherboard and reconnect it to the USB header on the new card.
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Does anyone know what i would need to buy to upgrade a (mac) powerbook with usb 1 to usb2?
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Originally Posted by killershark
Does anyone know what i would need to buy to upgrade a (mac) powerbook with usb 1 to usb2?
Found this via google:
It isn't possible to upgrade a Titanium Powerbook's built-in USB 1.1 ports to USB 2.0, but you can easily add a USB 2.0 adapter card via the CardBus slot, giving you one to three high-speed USB ports. You'll need to remember, though, that those ports can't provide sufficient power to drive many of the bus-powered devices on the market, particularly including portable hard drives and iPods.

There have been many posts in the Titanium PB forums about trying to connect iPods that require USB 2 through CardBus adapter cards, with widely varying success. If that's what you have in mind, read your iPod manual carefully to see whether it says a built-in USB 2 port is required. If it is, an adapter card probably won't fill the bill, and you probably won't be successful. I don't have an iPod myself, and there are now so many different iPod models with so many different features and requirements that it would be practically impossible for anyone to have all the answers about what will work and what won't with all of them.

Just yesterday I picked up a USB 2 adapter card for my Tibook on closeout at CompUSA (which is in the throes of going out of business nationwide). It works fine with a USB 2 flash drive giving data transfer rates about 5-6 times faster than USB 1.1, which may be the best you can hope for from the vastly overhyped USB 2 speed. (It's theoretically 30-40 times faster than USB 1.1, but in real life never close to that.) An empty USB 2 hard drive enclosure's bridge circuit is detected fine by System Profiler (the drive that will go in the enclosure hasn't arrived yet). If you're going to connect to your adapter card any USB device that doesn't have its own AC power adapter, be sure it can use (and if it can, be sure to buy) a second cable that draws power from a second USB port, thus doubling the USB bus power available to the device. If your device has no port for connecting external power, you may have to buy a USB 2 hub that has its own AC power supply, plug the hub into the adapter card, and plug the device into the hub.
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