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glassdragon 10-07-07 02:38 AM

questions about a new laptop
I just recently got a new laptop. First one i've ever had. Just a couple of questions

1. Should i leave my laptop plugged in all the time even when i'm not using it? I had it unplugged for one night off and it seemed to lose like 5 percent battery power

2. Should I put it in hibernate when i do this or just turn it off?

3. Should i always have it plugged in everytime i have access to an ac supply?

I just don't use it much yet since i havn't started school yet, and i don't want to ruin the battery by keeping it plugged in all the time or vise versa, that's why i'm asking.

thanks for answering these from a laptop n00b

X 10-07-07 11:04 AM

I believe the battery lasts longer if you remove it when you're running on AC. Laptop batteries are rated for a certain number of charge cycles so it's best to discharge them as much as possible before you fully charge them again and not to keep charging them when AC is available.

I have found my battery loses power faster when it's left in the laptop and it's not connected to AC. If I'm just storing it, I take the battery out.

Sdallnct 10-07-07 11:34 PM

Yea...batteries in laptops...

I've tried everything and now I just decided that they are disposable and should last 18-24 months. My current laptop is right at 18 months old and it goes about an hour, so I'm looking for another one.

namja 10-08-07 03:36 AM

I think it's too much hassle to do anything special. Just use it. I've had my Dell Inspiron 700m for 3 years now. I usually have it plugged in, and I don't pay any special attention to it. I still get a good 2 hours on a full charge (when it was new, I got 3.5 hours). If I did all the "right things" to preserve the battery, I don't think it'd be noticeably better now.

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