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namja 09-06-06 08:52 AM

Tiny mp3 app for PC??
I have a ton of things running on my work computer. If I run iTunes on top of that, I take a hit on performance. Which mp3 application uses up the least amout of CPU/RAM? I don't need anything fancy: don't need graphics, don't even need playlists. I just need something that will play mp3s. So far, I've tried WMP and Winamp with mixed results. Anything else?

Mopower 09-06-06 10:31 AM

I'd use Itunes and buy more memory. ;)

namja 09-06-06 11:20 AM

Mo, I wish I could. Company is too cheap to up our RAM. Still stuck on 512MB on my Thinkpad T43.

Nifty03 09-06-06 12:43 PM

Winamp Lite is only 1Meg and version 2.9 is considered the best by some people (before AOL got their hands on it.)

You can get both here:


shizawn 09-06-06 01:43 PM


As long as you don't use a ton of plugins, the footprint is really low. The basic view isn't much to look at, but it does the job.

namja 09-06-06 04:47 PM

Thanks both. I don't see a Winamp Lite in oldversion.com Also, there's Winamp 2.91 and 2.95, but no 2.90. Will both be about the same?

I'll try Winamp (Lite) then try Foobar. Really, I want the litest version possible. Don't need the ability to scroll through songs, don't need to read ID3 tags, don't even need volume control (will use windows volume control).

mikehunt 09-06-06 06:11 PM

I have winamp 2.09
task manager indicates it is using 5mb of ram
I can email it to you if you want, installer is a little under 500kb

4KRG 09-06-06 07:35 PM

XMplay is pretty cool, the base .exe only loads about 800k into ram, then depending on the songs will adjust memory use as needed.


namja 09-06-06 09:16 PM

Okay, downloaded winamp 2.09. Will try it at work tomorrow and report. Thanks.

namja 09-07-06 09:55 AM

Originally Posted by mikehunt
I have winamp 2.09
task manager indicates it is using 5mb of ram
I can email it to you if you want, installer is a little under 500kb

Installed it on my work computer (Thinkpad T43), and task manager indicates that it is using 3MB of RAM. On my home computer (Dell 700m), task manager indicated that it was using 5MB of RAM.

What I like best is that if I'm running something requiring heavy CPU usage, then the music will cut out and the other process will happen. With WMP or iTunes, the music keeps playing, but the other processes slow down a lot.

lxl 09-07-06 01:53 PM

Originally Posted by namja
What I like best is ... the music will cut out

hmm, that's what I hate most -ohbfrank-

mikehunt 09-07-06 05:56 PM

hmm, I never noticed it cutting out, but I don't think I've had it running when pegging my cpu at 100% for more than a couple seconds

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