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nickryan123 06-16-06 11:25 PM

can anyone help?
when i put a dvd in my computer and try to play it it says " there is not a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer" or something along those lines. its only done this since i last formatted it. Then i downloaded cyberlink powerdvd and now it says that "the TV out port on your display card is not working properly". it says it can't play the dvd while my tv out port is turned on or something. can anyone give me some insight as to how i can switch my tv out off so i can watch dvds on my laptop again...PLEASE

devynal 06-17-06 12:02 AM

Download VLC Media Player and save yourself a whole lot of headaches.

McHawkson 06-17-06 12:46 AM

It means you need to install DVD player driver.

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