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LurkerDan 04-14-06 10:48 AM

Adobe Reader and IE
I noticed that Adobe Reader (7.0) seems to be running all the time on my work computer. I downloaded WinPatrol and cleaned up the startup programs so I know that it is not in there.

However, it appears to piggyback on Explorer (6.0) when I run that. I have looked in the Tools/Options for both programs and I cannot seem to find how to stup it from running every time I run IE. I want it to run when I click on a pdf, but not as a background progar.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

zuffy 04-14-06 10:53 AM

Try this:
Edit --> Preferences --> Internet --> uncheck Display PDF in browser

LurkerDan 04-14-06 11:42 AM

That appears to be it! Thanks zuffy, had a feeling it was something simple.

I hate Reader. :mad:

zuffy 04-14-06 01:54 PM

I have writer and it does the same thing :)

twikoff 04-14-06 03:00 PM

then he hates writer too :mad:

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