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DrRingDing 03-10-06 07:45 PM

Nikon PictureProject question
okay, i'll give you a quick backstory.

i used to have a Fuji FinePix and the program associated with it was relatively straight forward and easy to use.

now i've switched to a Nikon CoolPix (with WiFi streaming! - too bad i can't figure that one out, but it's not terribly important at the moment, however if anybody can walk me through setting that up, i'd be much obliged... i followed the set-up utility but there're some holes in the instructions i need filled in.)

but i'm pissed off at its associated program (PictureProject) because i can't figure out how to make 50% of the original size the actual size. anybody have any idea how to do it with picture project? or should i just use iPhoto or Preview? (can i even do it in Preview?) and yes, i have a mac, hence iPhoto.

-di doctor-

Shay 03-11-06 01:32 PM

I would ask that question here in the Software section: nikonians.org/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi for the project picture and the coolpix section for the wifi part.

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