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Neitzl 08-04-05 07:12 PM

ATI All in Wonder 9600 and Comcast cable
I just set up my computer with the video card. Everything is cool and all, but one thing is killing me. I don't want my computer to be a glorified VCR, I want it to be able to record other channels while my cable box is on, say, Channel 2. I noticed that if I change the channel on my cable box, the channel also changes on the ATI video output on my monitor. Is there a way where I can watch a certain channel on my regular tv, but then on my monitor, watch/record a different channel? Please tell me there is!

thank you

freudguy 08-05-05 12:11 PM

If you have analog cable, don't hook the TV tuner card up to the cable box. Hook it up straight to the cable coming from the wall (or use a splitter to split the signal into one going to your cable box & one going to your TV tuner). I don't think this will work with digital cable as I believe you need the cable box (I'm not sure, still have analog myself). If you are watching your TV tuner and wish to record another channel, you're out of luck unless you bought a dual tuner card.

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