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Popups from unknown source

Old 05-22-04, 11:01 AM
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Popups from unknown source

Ad/Spyware writers should be gutshot, covered in syrup, and tied to a frigging ant hill.

For the last 2 days, I've been getting pop up ads, and I don't know where they're coming from. Started like this...

Visited 1, and only 1, site that isn't on my normal daily rounds. I then went to bed without shutting IE down. Woke up the next morning to find 3 dialogue boxes open asking me for permission to install GAIN network (of course I denied all), and there was a search bar installed directly above my task bar (never gave any permissions for that) as well as a clock-sync program installed.

Ran AdAware, it cleaned up about 12-14 processes and 2-3x as many files, rebooted, and then deleted a cpl more things. I then updated AdAware, ran it again, and cleared off a few more items.

Last night though, I started getting popup adds show up on my screen. The most annoying thing is they seem to make my whole system hang for about 10 seconds just before they popup (even more annoying when I'm playing an online game) (Here's some coincidence for you, start loading one, and hanging system, just as I typed that previous line.)

I also visited that page at that has the CoolWebSearch killer app on it, even after running a freshly updated AdAware, that util did find and sanitize 2 registry keys.

This is getting annoying as hell! As I type this message, this window keeps "fading" out like it's a background process, and I have to sit here and click on it 3-4 times before it becomes the active window again so that I can keep typing, yet there's no pop-up actually showing up that I can just shut down.
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Old 05-22-04, 11:06 AM
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Have you tried Spybot?
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Old 05-22-04, 11:09 AM
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No, I haven't tried Spybot. I knew there was a 2nd program recommended along with Adaware, but couldn't remember what it was. Will go DL that now.

Just ran Adaware again and there's a new update available (dated today) but it continued to not find anything.
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Old 05-22-04, 07:34 PM
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Also, for added security, go to this site:
get that program, as well as Spyware Blaster.
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Old 05-22-04, 08:23 PM
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I would suggest downloading the new version of Spy Bot, it has lots of added features hopefully that will clean it up for you.

After you get things fixed I would also reccommend Spyware Blaster.
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Old 05-22-04, 10:36 PM
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Just responded this afternoon to another thread simalir to this one. I had the same problems and found that my AVG Anti Virus software found some Trojan programs running that Ad-aware and SpyBot Search and Destroy didn't or couldn't remove. Here's what I suggested to the other poster, hope this helps:

Just went through this problem with my daughters puter just about 3 weeks ago. Cause if you're getting the pop-ups, you more than likely have Trojan type programs running. I removed almost all the first time I ran through doing these programs, and those it didn't find or couldn't remove, were removed after I ran AVG Anti Virus a few more times (some really hard programs to get rid off were on the computer). You might need to run your computer in "Safe Mode", so that just the bare minimum is running in the background and those Trojan/Virus programs are unable to start up. Here are the steps I did to fix the problem:

1) Ad-aware is a great SpyWare program. This program found almost all the Trojan's on the computer and fixed them. This along with SpyBot Search and Destroy cover most Trojan backdoor programs. Here is Ad-Aware's download link:

2) I am one who runs multiple virus scan programs, but AVG Anti-Virus program is what I run on my puter and is suggested by TechTV and is highly rated overall. It not only found virus (6 of them btw), it dected some Trojan Types that Adware and SpyBot didn't detect. Here is their free version link:

3) namja website is a great freebie to use and I run it weekly as a backup program:

Understand that I ran Ad-aware, Trend Micro online virus check, and especially AVG Anti Virus programs several times to rid myself of things. Also, it never hurts to look in the Add/Remove Program section of your Control Panel, sometimes they show up there. Finally be sure you empty that Trash Can Icon, some of the damn programs got dumped there.

Good Luck on the removals.
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Old 05-24-04, 08:23 PM
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go to your Add/Remove Programs option and see if you have a PGATE program.

This has been giving me fits for the past couple of days. Ad-Aware and Spybot did nothing, downloaded AVG and it did nothing. I ended up downloading Hijack this. There are some websites where you can post what shows up in your registry and they'll tell you what to delete. I just opened in safe mode and deleted anything that didn't have a recognizable name attached to it. I guess I'll know if I deleted something I shouldn't have soon enough, but the pop-ups are now gone.
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Old 05-25-04, 03:49 PM
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Cause if you're getting the pop-ups, you more than likely have Trojan type programs running.
"Browser helper objects" are a popular method of implementing spyware popups on IE. BHOs are COM objects that Explorer/Internet Explorer loads at startup for the purposes of customizing the browser. A great feature, at least from a spammer's point of view.
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Old 05-25-04, 05:16 PM
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We need a spyware sticky thread.
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Old 05-25-04, 05:40 PM
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The classic persistent spyware is the "scantheweb" one. It is self-repairing, and if you lobotomize it, it still has some modifications that send data back, even though it is lobotomized enough to no longer repair itself fully. If you firewall block its sending of data, you will be punished in not being able to connect to other websites.


(1) Go to safe mode
(2) Run spybot and others
(3) Use the spybot feature to populate the hosts file
(4) View the hosts file for non-spybot additions such as specific pointers to the spyware site that were put in by the spyware. Put a "#" in first column followed by a space to comment out undesirable lines.
(5) In the security tab of the browser, add the spyware sites to the restricted zones. Use a wildcard if you are in IE such as "http://*", "http://*"
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