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jkester 02-09-04 12:05 AM

registered a domain and hosting at 2 different places. now what?
i registered a domain @ registersite.com. today i bought hosting at startlogic.com. how do i tell the domain to go to start logic? it asks me for nameservers, but i dont know what my nameservers are. i also see no way to login to my start logic account except via ftp. and i cant use that because my domain doesnt point to the startlogic hosting. HELP!!! THANKS!

UWSarge 02-09-04 12:19 AM

You need to find out from the host what the name servers are. I'd imagine that they either told you when you signed up what they were, or they sent you an email about the name servers. Also be aware that some hosting sites take a day or two to have an account set up and get back to you with the settings.

After that, then go back to the registering site and fill those in for your domain name.

jkester 02-09-04 12:21 AM

ok. upon reading my entire email from startlogic, it says theyll get back to me with account info within 24hrs. if i decide to change my domain at some point during the hosting, is it hard to switch the hosting to another domain?

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