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dhm 01-28-04 01:33 PM

RPC Issue still plagues me
I cannot seem to escape it.

Well so I built a new system and installed Windows XP with SP1. And yet occasional RPC issues still occur, no big deal... time to patch it.

So I run Fixblast.exe just to make sure it wasn't on the system... and just as I thought... It was NOT on my system.

I installed Norton to check for other virii, it installed fine, but it WON'T open. When I try to load it will pop up for 5 seconds the close on its own. So I painfully uninstalled Norton and then installed PC-Cillin 2004. No problems at all with it. No viruses found.

So I download the patch from MS... and it won't let me install it. It does then same as Norton. WHen I click to load it will come up for seconds then close on its own.

What is a guy to do?

I have temporarily edited the recovery options for RPC. I really can't work with the Firewall because I do so much peer2peer. I need various ports open. And anything I download is just dreadfully slow with firewall.

My biggest concern at the moment is NOrton and MS Patch not loading for me?

System Specs:

Asus A7N8X-E
AMD 3200+
512mb pc3200
80gb System Drive
100gb video drive
Windows XP with SP1 built in

ANy help would be very much appreciated!!!


mikehunt 01-28-04 01:44 PM

the rpc thing can happen without the msblast.exe being on the system. just receiver the correct packets will cause it.

most good firewalls allow you to completely control which ports are blocked and which are open. you should be able to only block the one that causes the rpc issue, I can't remember the number but a google search should find it, and leave the other ports open.
I use file sharing programs and have no problems with speed of any downloads and I have a firewall on all the time
I use kerio, it's free, easy to configure and doesn't seem to use up many resources http://www.kerio.com/kpf_home.html

dhm 01-28-04 01:48 PM

I will definately check that out and see how that works out for me.

But do you have any idea about the programs like Norton and the MS patch just closing on its own??

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