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sararekuforever 01-25-04 10:25 PM

Completely wireless desktop, is it possible?
With the exception being the power cord and monitor, is it possible?

Wireless keyboard: yes
Wireless mouse: yes
Wireless joystick/gamepad: yes
Wireless lan:

Now, for the following

Wireless printer:
Wireless scanner:
Wireless speakers:
Wireless microphone:
Wireless modem/phone:

Is it possible?

Deftones 01-25-04 10:34 PM

wireless printer: i think so
wireless scanner: not sure
wireless speakers: not sure
wireless microphone: not sure
wireless modem: yes, if your laptop has a wireless WiFi card installed and you are using a high speed connection

shaun3000 01-25-04 10:36 PM

The HP Deskjet 995 supports Bluetooth. I don't now if the current batch of printers they make includes a Bluetooth printer.

Wireless speakers have been around for years, as have wireless microphones.

I've seen wireless modems, but they are even slower than wired. Why bother? Just use WiFi.

matome 01-25-04 11:12 PM

You could get one of those wireless print servers for the printer.

zuffy 01-25-04 11:34 PM

Just get everything that supports Bluetooth. There goes your wireless setup.

sararekuforever 01-25-04 11:40 PM

The modem is for when the broadband goes out and I need the dial up.

zuffy 01-25-04 11:49 PM

Can you go broadband instead of dial up?

sararekuforever 01-26-04 12:45 AM

I have broadband, and a dial up account as wel..

I want the modem for the back up connection..if possible wireless

TheBang 01-26-04 05:57 AM

Scanner: Not likely

The closest I could come to is this:

It would still require a phone cord going from the power plug near your computer into the back of the computer.

Another alternative is to get a wireless router that has a built-in modem. The only one I know of is the $250 Airport Extreme base station.


With that, the Airport Base Station could be plugged into both the broadband and the phone line. And your computer connects to the Airport wirelessly. When the broadband goes out, you just direct the Airport to dial-up instead.

Eeyore 01-26-04 06:27 PM

modem: get an external modem and hook it into a wireless router (i know some smc barricades support this). some also have print servers, which will make the printer wireless too.

Shadow Ace 01-26-04 06:40 PM

You can plug your cell phone into the serial port of your computer to use as a modem, with the right cable and service plan from your cell company. The speed blows...and it's not real convenient, but it's wireless. (I use this method for fixing problems at work when I'm on the road. I use the cell phone to dial into the companies RAS server).

Mad Dawg 01-26-04 07:42 PM

HP has an all-in-one with built-in 802.11b. It shares all functions over a network, including scanning.


gregx55 01-26-04 07:54 PM

I have seen wireless speakers. But I doubt you could get a good enough sound quality without spending a fortune in batteries.

RoQuEr 01-26-04 09:25 PM

get a laptop, and you can have everything wireless, even power, and you won't need a monitor.

Mopower 01-26-04 11:47 PM

I just bought some wireless headphones for my PC. One of the greatest inventions ever! You can walk all around your house doing stuff and listen to music without bothering anyone else.

jrobinson 01-27-04 12:09 AM

wireless scanner? yes.
wireless printer? yes.
with wired fax machine? yes.

hp psc 2500 photosmart all-in-one series

mother has one, set it up.

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