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scroll2b 01-01-04 07:11 PM

How much does it cost to get certified?
How much does it cost to get certified for A+, NetPlus, etc? Is it around $200+ each? More?

When are tests usually given? Every month? Day? Season? Do you need to take a class to take the test? Anyone? Thanks...

Lateralus 01-01-04 07:26 PM

I get test vouchers here: http://www.getcertified4less.com/

A+ voucher costs $182.00 and that takes care of both tests (regular price is $290.00)

Microsoft vouchers are $115.00 (regular price $125.00)

You can take your certifications at VUE or Prometric. I would check both sites and see which has a location that is close to you.



Before you buy your vouchers make sure you know which testing center your going to use because there are two different vouchers for Prometric and VUE.

And you can take test from 8Am to 6Pm every weekday.

DVD Polizei 01-01-04 08:35 PM

Just for A+, it cost me about $250, but that was through a company that did the testing. You could probably get it for less.

sataniko 01-02-04 01:16 PM

I paid $188 for both A+ tests and spent $30 on a book to study, but there are a few places with free study material.

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