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electroclash77 12-17-03 05:48 AM

how can i share my usb printer on a wireless network
i have a wireless network = 3 computers the main computer with my printer hooked up to it is hooked to the router with ethernet cable. the other two computers are hooked up to the router via vireless usb and wireless pcmcia card. i set my printer on the main computer to be shared but i the other 2 computers do not see it and i also can not share files between all 3 computers.. i have windows xp and all 3 computers are dell. the router is linksys wireless g
any tips or help please???

wmunn 12-17-03 06:41 AM

I just seen an ad for just such a device. It is a usb wireless print server. Apparently, you plug this device into the printers usb port, and it shares the connection over the wireless network.

cseyer 12-17-03 07:10 AM

What operating system are you using? I do this with windows XP Pro, and it was easy, you DO NOT NEED any additional hardware. The advantage of a print server though frees up the connected PC from acting as a Que.

bralph 12-17-03 10:06 AM

I have the same problem. My printer is hooked up to a PC running XP Home and connected via eithernet cable to a 2Wire wireless router I got from SBC DSL. Even though I enabled sharing for the printer (and a couple folders), I can't see any of them when connected wirelessly with my laptop running XP Pro.

Shay 12-17-03 03:45 PM

You might want to check this site out: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/ I have a printer installed on a xp pro machine and print to it via wireless all the time.

wmunn 12-17-03 08:33 PM

I would think there is a problem with your network configuration settings on either the pc sharing the printer, or your workgroup in general.

There are several small things than can screw it up for you. The previous suggested website is a good start for you to troubleshoot your issues.

The print server hardware is still a good idea, as it speeds it up somewhat, and you don't need to keep the printer's host powered up all the time.

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