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Feneant 08-22-03 08:33 AM

What are the best laptops to get?
I'm sorta (somewhat... maybe... want to buy but can't justify) looking for a laptop but man, it's harder to wade through all the different things out there than buying a new car.

What is the best to buy in terms of value. I don't care for somethings, but others I would like. I noticed the centrinos are the most expensive ones, yet their CPU speeds are also much lower than other laptops.

Ideally, I am looking for something on which I can do light gaming , a REAL video card, not a shared or a crappy mobility chip. I know some have Radeon 9000's or Nvidia chips...

Uggh, I could go on and on so I'll just ask, what is the best laptop out there (value to price comparison), Something at least 14.1 inch with 1024*768 resolution, 512 megs of DDR Ram, 20 Gigs HDD, CDRW/DVD combo and at least a good 3-4 hours of bettery life.

(I am hoping that the Powerbooks will come down in price before the G5's models are out but unless they do, they are too expensive!)

4KRG 08-22-03 11:14 AM

If you can spend in the $2000 range

Dell Inspiron 5150

What is killing you on this is the desire to play games on a laptop, drop that requirement and it gets much much cheaper.

A Pentium M 1.7 is roughly equivalant to a pentium IV 2.4

do not fear the slow clock speed of the centrino models.

Joshic 08-22-03 11:49 AM

Unless you are loaded, I would recommend that you do not spend the money on a gaming laptop. I spent $3600 on a gaming laptop 5 years ago. It was the first generation of laptops to include a 3d video card. It was great for a year, and then as video cards for desktops were upgraded, I was left with a laptop that couldn't be upgraded (as all laptops are). I regret the decision to buy a gaming laptop.

Just save your money and buy a regular laptop, and buy a GameBoy Advance SP for gaming on-the-go.

Feneant 08-22-03 03:30 PM

Well, I do want it for somethings other than gaming too. Notice that the games I play aren't intensive, thats why I have my pc, this is more for mmorpgs and portability.

So a Pentium M is not as if I was buying a PIII instead of a PIV, that's good to know.

After looking though, the only laptops I'd consider are a G3 Ibook or wait for a G5 Powerbook...

danol 08-22-03 11:30 PM

I have a Dell Inspiron-8500 MP4 2.2 GHz with a 15.4 inch W.S. 16 X 10 WSXVGA+ 1680 x 1550 and 512 DDR RAM, how about me what can I use to capture video? If that old webtv could do it I sure as heck can with Dell's flagship Laptop, but how. I know it can be done because my transister sister got me two beautiful shots of the Starship Enterprise.

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