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kvrdave 05-29-03 11:28 PM

How to convert .wpd (Corel WordPerfect) to Word .doc?
Someone sent me a WordPerfect document that I need to convert to Word. Word tried to download some conversion software, but when it asked for my Word 2002 disc, it told me that it wasn't on there. Any ideas?

X 05-29-03 11:31 PM

The WP converter should be on there.

Ranger 05-29-03 11:35 PM

It'd just be a lot easier to CTRL+A (select all) - > CTRL+C - > open MS Word then paste it there, but if you don't have both Corel and Word like I do :D that can be a problem. The formatting may be skewed though.

kvrdave 05-29-03 11:51 PM

Originally posted by X
The WP converter should be on there.
Agreed, it should. And yet it does not find it. :grunt:

xroq1x 05-31-03 02:28 AM

make a copy of the file.
rename it to .txt.

open up the new .txt
and paste whatever is in it.

narcissist 06-02-03 09:39 AM

One of my student's passed in a paper in WordPerfect, and it wouldn't open on this very machine. I went into folder options, deactivated the radio button that is next to "hide known file extensions", then single-clicked the file, pressed F2, and renamed the extension from .wpd to .doc. It worked like a charm. Now my student is wishing that I never read it. ;)

DodgingCars 06-10-03 04:36 PM

I just save my stuff as RTF. Both Wordperfect and Word can generally read it and it doesn't mess up formatting.

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