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monkey42 05-26-03 11:55 AM

I'm looking for an IE plugin
I'm looking for something for IE that allows you to define keywords for webpages. So instead of typing in www.websitename.com/lots/of/directory/names, one can just type in websitename and it takes you there.

I know this can be done (really easily) through favorites, but i'm looking for a solution where it isn't easy to see the list of keywords and their associated sites. Its for a friend with a nosy mom. My suggestion to her was to just lock her computer when she isnt around (she has winxp), but she would prefer some kind of program for this.

Thanks in advance.

btbrossard 05-26-03 05:31 PM

I don't know of a plugin to do this for you. You can hide items in the favorites list, however. This might be a solution that would work.

Try this:

Create a folder in the Favorites menu. Add the sites your friend would like to keep hidden.

Then, on the HD, go to the folder "Documents and Settings". In that folder there should be a folder called "Favorites".

Open that folder and right click on the folder you created and bring up its properties. From here you can hide the folder and all its contents.


Then, open your hidden folder (make sure you have hidden items visible). Open the properties for each website. Here you can create a keyboard shortcut for each website.


Now, everytime you put in the shortcut, the hidden website will come up. And, the hidden website is NOT visible in the Favorites menu.


Ben732 05-27-03 03:42 PM

How about this?


It caused all sorts of problems in my office when someone installed it and then tried to go to http://intranet and it took him to something like www.intranet.com but it might work for you...

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