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Changing the Encoding on MP3's

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Changing the Encoding on MP3's

Here is a randome music question - i used to encode all my CD's at 128K for purposes of MP3 Play, then all of a sudden 160 and 192 became the standard, so i encoded all my new music in that format.

Anyways, I just bought an Archos MP3 Player, which by the way, is an outstanding piece of equipment. And I really want to get the most out of its 20G storage. Is there a simple way vis-a-vis a program (legal) that I can just change the bitrate of already encoded MP3's?

I really cannot tell the difference between one encoded at 128 and one at the extra space is worthless to me. Help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I use a program called Stream Box Ripper that will allow you to convert them to what ever bit rate or file format you want.
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Software questions are to be placed in the Computer Forum.

FYI: a search for either "mp3s" or "bitrate" may also show some earlier related discussions in that forum.

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Yes, but you're better off just reencoding them from the original source. Encoding to an MP3 is a lossy compression. That is, it works by removing all the stuff you don't hear from the song. The lower the bitrate, the more stuff gets removed. However, different encoders do different things. Reducing a file in the way you mean is equivalent to re-encoding it. So going from source->192->128 will sound much worse, usually, than going from source directly to 128. Your best way is simply to rip the files at the bitrate you want in the first place.

As for the "standard", forget it. Encode at what sounds good to you. Me, I can hear a huge difference between 128 and 192, usually. I can also hear a difference between 192 and the real "standard" which is LAME in VBR --alt-preset standard mode. But what equipment you play it on makes the difference. Like, I can't tell any difference on my computer speakers (no bass), but on my car stereo, 128 is unlistenable.

Grab a copy of EAC (Exact Audio Copy), it's free. Then grab a copy of the LAME encoder. Do a google search for the right way to set it up using --alt-preset standard. Then rip everything using that combination. It's a bit slower than many rippers, but it's also, hands down, the best sound quality vs. filesize, period. And it will sound good on everything you hook it to.
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