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tygloalex 10-20-02 10:46 PM

How to associate files (easy question)?
I want to associate my .rar files with winrar. I just upgraded and now it's not associating. How do I do this?

stevevt 10-20-02 10:50 PM

Easiest way:

1) Find a .rar file.

2) Hold the Shift key down and right-click on the file.

3) Click on "Open with..."

4) Find and select winrar. Check the box that says "Always use this program..."

5) Click on OK.

tygloalex 10-20-02 10:54 PM

OK that worked. One more thing. How do I make it change from the "What the hell do I use to open this?" icon to the "Oh, it's a .rar file, let's use winrar" stack of books icon?

Edit: Oh, and Thank You :)

stevevt 10-20-02 11:22 PM

1) Open Windows Explorer.

2) Go to the Tools menu. Go to Folder Options.

3) Click on the File Types tab.

4) Find the Winrar document entry and click on it.

5) Click on the Edit button.

6) Click on the Change Icon button.

7) Browse to the folder where Winrar is located and click on the Winrar application (exe file).

8) Choose the icon you want and click on OK. Then OK again. Then OK again.

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