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How do you like to partition your hard drive?

Old 08-28-02, 09:39 AM
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How do you like to partition your hard drive?

I've heard that there are certain advantages to partitioning your hard drive like better performance and easier file management. My idea is to put my OS on one partition, my programs on another, and my files on yet another. I only use one OS, so I don't think I need any more than that.

I would also like to know what partitioning software everyone likes to use out there. Partition Magic seems to be the favorite, but Partition Commander is cheaper, more user friendly, and does the same job. Any comments or suggestions? I'd like to know how some of you computer gurus set up your hard drives.
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Old 08-28-02, 11:18 AM
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That's exactly the same way that I have my hard drive partitioned. it's an 80 gig, so 3 GB for Microsoft XP, 30 GB for programs, and the rest of MP3s, files, and other junk.

As far as programs go, Partition Magic is the only one that I've used, and it makes partitioning very simple.
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Old 08-28-02, 12:58 PM
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For all Windows OS's except NT4 I use one big partition. NT4 is a 4GB for OS and whatever is left for everything else.
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Old 08-28-02, 01:33 PM
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I could type a long and boring reason why you would partition one way vs another, but why reinvent the wheel?

This is an OK link

some of what he says is utter BS, but for the most part this is a very informative link for the partitioning newbie

Personally, I do different partitions on differenet machines. My primary home machine has an 8G partition to hold the operating system and program files, and a separate partition that is the whole rest of the drive for data, mp3's, movies, pr0n, iso's, etc, etc

I have a completely separate hard drive with a large permanent swap file, and then a small swap file on the boot partition. I also use this as a scratch disk for things I don't really want to keep, but just want to keep for right now

If you want the best performance, this is the setup to follow.

For 98% of the people out there, just using ONE BIG partition is fine.
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Personally, I think that partitioning is a great idea. There are a couple of good reasons why partitioning is better than not partitioning ... i'll be brief:

(1) Can be "easier to organize" with your OS and/or progs on one partition and data on the other assuming two partitions.

(2) Disaster recovery is much, much easier assuming we're not talking about physical HDD problems. If you aren't using a (fairly) robust OS like XP (read: 9x) then a separate OS partition is the way to go bigtime because you can either reinstall from scratch or (my recommendation) reinstall using imaging software. Win98 tends to corrupt very, very easily if you use your OS more than once a week(!) and you'll find out that your OS performance will degrade significantly needing a fresh install or reimage to fix things.

If you tax your OS then Win98 will begin to fail you almost immediately so you benefit yourself by having a partitioning setup that will allow you to work the problem without be worked all over. After I got XP everything was so much better ... except for the extra OS bloat which isn't a big deal really if you have modern large hard drives and decent RAM and processor.
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I organized my partitions when I first installed XP Pro.

10GB OS/Most Programs
20GB Open (For Now)
40GB Games
30GB Music
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I used to break up my drives, but since my last reformat I just use my 30G for XP and program installs, and my 40G for music, downloaded programs and files and other misc stuff.

Seems to work out just fine. Haven't really noticed any difference...
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