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Spicollidriver1 08-13-01 09:43 AM

Suggestions for blowing more money
Ok folks I've got a new Ibook g3 500 with 256 megs of ram, i would like suggestions for games , and toys to add to it. It already has the burner/dvd combo. Can I change the video card/hard drive, and what kind of ram should I put in(I know it's pc100 but suggestions on brand). Any toys I should get for that firewire port, I am thinking about getting a firewire hard drive, anything else?

twikoff 08-13-01 09:45 AM

use some of that money to get a PC :D

Spicollidriver1 08-13-01 10:25 AM

I have a pc, and am building a t-bird in the next couple weeks. Have multiple things going at once. My Ibook, my t-bird, dvds, games, atv, and so on.

Jason 08-13-01 03:12 PM

Get a good carrying case for the iBook. They're making some dandy ones custom fitted to the iBook's new compact size.

If it's not the CDRW model, a nice firewire CDRW would be cool.

Pay for a classified ad to sell off all that PC crap :D

Spicollidriver1 08-13-01 05:02 PM

no selling must keep everything. :) I have the cdrw/dvd combo. Will have to find the case though.

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