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Mark Lyons 06-18-01 10:43 AM

Does anyone know when the first release candidate will be available for download? The website says June, but we are in the latter part of june and no news.


jhansen 06-23-01 01:21 PM

I'm currently running Beta 2, RC1 is still a way off. The way it looks, I bet we see a Beta 3 before RC1 hits.

twikoff 06-23-01 10:25 PM

rc1 is expected next week.. but rumors are that it could be pushed back until july 4th

no chance for a beta 3

mtucker 06-23-01 10:35 PM

Here's a quote from the http://www.wininformant.com site.

XP RC1 Update
Microsoft tells me the company hopes to complete Windows XP Release Candidate 1 (RC1) by next Friday but that the July 4 holiday is the absolute drop-dead date. Yesterday morning, testers received build 2494, which will probably be the final interim build before RC1. The RC1 release, of course, will be feature complete. From here on out, it's all bug fixing, performance testing, and fine-tuning.

gcribbs 06-23-01 11:59 PM

I am interested to see what it looks like and how well it runs. I will get shipped to me a prerelease copy due to going to one of their XP launch parties.

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