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Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Streaming Talk The Place to talk about streaming video and audio
View Poll Results: What factors do you consider before subscribing to another streaming service?
Time - Do I have time to make the most of it?
Cost of the service and my budget for it
New original shows/movies
Overall quality of the content
Functionality of the App
Potential data caps on my ISP
Do I have the proper devices that can support it?
Another reason - Name it
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Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Old 10-06-18, 01:23 PM
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Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

I know there's a bunch out there and more than most here have time to watch and enjoy.

So what factors, do you guys consider before you even remotely considering subscribing?

Most recently DC Universe launched on September 15th, however the 1st of it's original shows doesn't launch until October 12th and the rest don't launch until 2019. Mostly it's rotating digital comics, some older animated shows, movies and some older live action shows/movies. Seems like most here aren't in a dire rush to subscribe to this one.

ESPN Plus launched a few months ago with live sports and their large library of 30 for 30 shows and such.

FX Plus also recently launched with most of their entire library of content.

AMC Premiere also recently launched with only their recent library of content like Walking Dead and Better Call Saul with entire seasons commercial free.

YouTube Premium has Cobra Kai and a few other originals, but most here don't seem interested in paying for premium YouTube on a revolving basis.

and the lists go on and on and on.

Disney is launching their service sometime in 2019.

So there's so many option and so little money and time to spare. What are your thoughts? Are you simply maxed out for time and won't subscribe to any new ones no matter how attractive the content/shows/movies are?

This will be a multiple pick poll.

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Old 10-06-18, 02:24 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Cost and quality for me. Most of those services described above don’t do anything for me. I’ve checked out most, including DC, and there’s pretty much zero content that I would spend time on. So far, Netflix, Hulu Live, and movies I’ve bought on Vudu/MA, fill everything I need or have time to watch.

I’ll more than likely subscribe to Disney due to the volume of kids content my kids watch. Plus having Star Wars and Marvel only sweetens the deal.
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Old 10-06-18, 02:41 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Cost, and how much unique content I’d use regularly are the two biggest factors for me.

Netflix: I’d probably only get it a few times a year to binge seasons, but my wife likes it handy so I pay year round.
Amazon Prime: It may be my most used streaming service, but I’d pay for Prime anyway, so the cost doesn’t factor in.
Shudder: Lots of unique content. I probably watch it less than I should, but it’s only like $22-40 a year with discounts in my time with it so far.
Hulu: Wife gets it cheap on a student package, I’d never pay for it.
DC Universe: I’m a huge DC fan, so the $5 a month was a no-brainer. Even without the exclusive shows being there yet, there is plenty for me to enjoy.
CBS: A month free trial was good for binging Star Trek Discovery, I’ll do a week or month a year as long as they have that show, but wouldn’t pay $1 a month otherwise.
YouTube TV: $35 a month and replaced my cable. Finally taught my wife to use it, I’m sure it will soon be our most watched service. Hopefully she’ll let me cancel Netflix someday.
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Old 10-06-18, 03:56 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

My #1 criteria is whether it's going to force me to watch commercials. They could have the most compelling content, but if I'm forced to watch the same damn beef jerky commercial every 6 minutes, it's a non-starter.
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Old 10-06-18, 11:50 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Cost and content.
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Old 10-09-18, 02:11 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Cost, content, and devices where it's available. AppleTV support is a plus.

Right now I have:
- YouTube TV. Best DVR. It has all the channels I want: Locals, AMC, BBC, etc.
- Hulu. With commercials, don't want to pay the upgrade. I basically keep it because some exclusive shows, original or old.
- Netflix. Not 4K because I don't have a 4K TV. Don't need the extra screens either. I keep it because of the too many exclusive shows. Most of the time I could cancel the previous ones and keep only Netflix.
- Prime Video. Part of Prime, main reason I have it. My wife watches a few exclusives here.
- HBO / Showtime. Family cable account.
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Old 10-09-18, 03:47 PM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

Interesting thread. We have YouTubeTV (for current TV) and Netflix (for movies and original content and movies) by choice, Amazon Prime Video by default (we order online a LOT).
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Old 10-17-18, 01:49 AM
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Re: Streaming Services - What factors do you consider before subscribing?

For anything subscription-based, I figure I have to watch enough movies or anything that's feature-length so that the cost of each averages to $2- so if something costs $8 per month, I'll have to watch 4 movies per month to make it worthwhile. I've found that anything that limits you to one genre gets tiresome and can't be watched that often, I subscribed to Sugar Instant which is all porn and it was just too much of a good thing- I actually couldn't watch enough of that to justify keeping it. Same with Shudder which is all horror; I have to be in a certain mood for certain types of content (sometimes I want porn, sometimes I want horror, and sometimes I want G-rated Disney stuff!) plus Shudder also lost a ton of points for not delivering 5.1 sound when many of their titles should have had it.

With the amount of media I have, including reviews I do here, and my generally unpredictable schedule (was working 50-hour weeks a few months ago which left me with little time for anything) it's made a lot more sense to just pay per item watched rather than for a subscription I may not have the time to make full use of. I did like Netflix when they started out, as they had a lot of B-titles and obscure movies that weren't available anywhere else, but I don't like their current emphasis on 'original' content over movies and the way they interrupt end credits is entirely unacceptable. Anything I subscribe to needs to at the very minimum let me watch an ENTIRE show or movie start to finish with NO intrusions whatsoever. If it's free, then I'll tolerate commercials such as the free movies on Vudu, but even then I find commercials aren't worth my time and it's better to just pay for something without them.
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