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Old 03-25-17, 10:51 AM   #1
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Anyone else getting really tired of their credit card company?

I can't stand this shit. They make you jump through hoops to even use the damn card now. Every time I place an order halfway substantial it triggers their automated shit and declines the charge until their automated thing calls for me to verify it. A couple years ago it blocked $120 charge on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft! This month it was a charge on NewEgg. It was like $1200, BUT I've been shopping at NewEgg with this card for 12 fucking years. They have no business blocking an order some place I've shopped for 12+ years!!! I don't care how goddamn much it was for. I want this shit disabled but I don't know if it's even possible. What's the point? The one time there actually was a fraud charge on my account their automated shit didn't catch it anyway. I had to call after seeing it on my statement. That's how I want it. If there's a problem, I'll call. Otherwise leave me the fuck alone. I swear they screw up my Black Friday shopping every year. I'm over here trying to grab deals and they block my shit for no reason.

Hell, I had a Capitol One card like 14 years ago. My other card had something like a $15k limit, but I found out the limit on the Capitol One card was only like $250 so I quit using it. Never activated a new card after that. YET, somehow they let someone charge on one of the new cards that was never activated and sitting in my safe a couple years ago. Now the account is totally shutdown.

I wouldn't know who to consider if I was going to look for another card. I know I'm going to be bitching at someone at Bank of America next time they block a charge though. I'm tired of this shit.
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Old 03-25-17, 12:04 PM   #2
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Re: Anyone else getting really tired of their credit card company?

Weird! The only card which I've ever had that refused my charge was American Express, and legitimately so as the purchase was from a company I had never purchased from and was also for a large amount.

To the contrary, however, when Amex refuses to accept my card, then I use one of my Bank Of America cards and it has never been declined for use.

Now, I have a card which gives great rewards, and it's through Bank of America. So, the more money I spend, the more rewards I earn, and I am just putting most everything on that credit card - no declines yet. Like I said, I'm now using it for nearly everything - to the tune of $1,000/month not a single decline.

Oh, by the way, do not worry about me, I ALWAYS pay my entire credit card balance within a couple of days after receiving the e-bill. I've never paid a penny in interest on a credit card, not in the 38 years I've been using them!
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Old 03-25-17, 12:13 PM   #3
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 805
Re: Anyone else getting really tired of their credit card company?

Yeah, I pay the whole bill too. Always have.
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