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Blockbuster Online questions

Old 04-06-09, 11:26 PM
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Blockbuster Online questions

I'm planning to sign up for Blockbuster Online for a few months to catch up on a backlog of Blu-ray movies and hopefully end up paying less than the standard in-store price of $5. I will probably end up renting 2-4 movies a week with a lot of in-store exchanges.

I'm looking at the 2-out (16.99, 3 store exchanges) or 3-out (19.99, 5 store exchanges) Total Access plans where I would pay $1.99 for additional store exchanges above the included 3 or 5.

I have a couple Blockbusters close by, so I will probably do a lot of in-store exchanges rather than waiting for movies by mail.

1) Once I get one or two movies by mail then take them to the store for in-store exchanges, after than can I exchange the in-store videos for another couple in-store videos again and again without getting new movies by mail? Or can I only get one in-store exchange per mailed movie?

2) Can I continue to exchange videos in-store if my online mail queue is empty?

3) If I rent a title at the store (in-store exchange) that was in my online mail queue, is it automatically removed from my queue or do I have to go into my account and remove it myself?
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Old 04-07-09, 12:29 AM
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Re: Blockbuster Online questions


I don't have Blu-ray but standard DVD for the Total Access online plan.

1. You can only do an in store exchange with a mailed movie. So 3 mailed movie equals 3 in store exchange. No mailed movie on hand means you can't exchange for an in store movie.

2. I believe no because you won't have any mailed movie to exchange. If your online queue is empty, no movie(s) would ship to you.

3. Somewhere in My Account info, you can choose to have BBonline automatically delete from your queue if you exchange a movie. It's up to you.

Hope this helps.
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Old 04-07-09, 05:12 AM
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Re: Blockbuster Online questions

Thanks very much for the informative reply. If I understand correctly, that means I will have to wait for a mailed movie for between each in-store exchanges.

- Receive 2 mailed movies.
- Exchange 2 mailed movies for in-store movies.
- Return in-store movies.
- Wait for new mailed movies from queue.
- (repeat)

It's disappointing to have to make a second trip back to the store to return the films without being able to bring back another video.

Does anyone happen to know if there is a discounted rental price for Blockbuster Online members without a mailed movie to exchange? Or is there another way to lower the cost of in-store rentals without using Blockbuster Online?
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