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I was reading the Ducktales thread over at the DVDTalk section of the forum and notice this comment:

Originally Posted by Dragon Fly
This is awsome news!
I checked, but it's not up on Amazon yet, although I did notice some "sponsored links" that feaured "all 100 episodes of Duck Tales on DVD". Maybe I'm naive, but since when did Amazon's site feature links to bootlegs? describes sponsored links as the following:


Sponsored Links are advertisements that provides to you. We receive Sponsored Links from Google's AdWords service. When you click on a Sponsored Link, we get revenue. The selection of Sponsored Links that are displayed is based on keywords. For example, if you search for "Bruce Springsteen" or view pages about Bruce Springsteen, the Sponsored Links may point to sites that sell tickets to his concerts or provide information about him. Sponsored Links are always clearly labeled.

Generating additional revenue from Sponsored Links allows us to offer lower prices to you--something we are dedicated to doing every way we can.
Several of the sites are selling complete TV series that haven't had official DVD releases. To me it seems that is promoting and profiting from bootleg DVD sales, plain and simple. Isn't that illegal? How is it that movie studios go after individuals who download copyrighted material from the Internet but don't go after big companies like Amazon and Ebay who continiously sell and promote pirated copies of films and shows?

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A lot of sites use Google Adwords, including this site. I don't think Amazon is promoting bootlegs. Now EBAY is a different story since they get direct revenue from the sales listed. Why the movie industry hasn't gone after them, who knows?
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