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Reasons NOT to buy from DVDSOON.ca...

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Reasons NOT to buy from DVDSOON.ca...

Old 04-12-05, 02:18 PM
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Reasons NOT to buy from DVDSOON.ca...

1. they charge your CC the minute you order-even if an item is backordered; They dont inform you if a title is "in stock" or not at the time of ordering-they also dont email you for a week or two informing you your DVD is "in transit" or "on order"
(They dont seem to even know their own stock status definitions-Ive recieved 3 "in transit" emails from them in the past month-"in transit" by their own definition means "In stock at company warehouse, available to ship in 2-3 days)!

You have no way of knowing about their SOP until you dig deep into the companies "Terms and Condidtions";

Ive had the RED DWARF 5&6 set backordered now for 1 month;

2. When you cancel an order, they make it rather hard-you may or may not become aware of an unlabeled "X" by your order-THAT is the way to cancel;

When you DO cancel an order-you are NOT informed that you will automatically be given store credit-UNLESS you dig deeper, and find that you have to specifically fill out a small form for a refund;

3. When you ask for a refund-they state it will take 21 days for it to be credited to your cc;

4. If there is a price change in your favor-they WILL NOT inform you-nor will they automatically change it -even if your order has not shipped-even if you ask them to;
They will not change an order-you must cancel it yourself and re-order-thus you are into them for a double amount of money for the same DVD-for 21 days or longer;

Now I dont know about you, but to me this is tantamount to me LENDING the company money-which is done rather slyly, instead of upfront-and they keep the interest-you dont get a thing except frustration.
Old 04-12-05, 07:36 PM
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1) most of the regulars know about dvdsoon..if you aren't in a hurry, they're good for a bargain..but if you want something quick....bad place to buy from because you're gonna wait for it..some titles do list "in stock" on the item page, but how accurate that is, I do not know. I've ordered things and have had them ship it in 1-2 weeks, as long as 2 months..

2) as far as cancelling the item, you can do so by the X, OR at the bottom of the page, with the red colored bar that says "Cancel This Order" ..which also states you get store credit etc..you are informed it's not going back to your CC, that it is store credit

3) I guess they have as much time as they want as long as they state it someplace..but I dunno how canada law works..but it maybe a universal thing..

4) as far as I know most places won't automatically adjust the price, you need to ask them. DDD may, I think Bestbuy.com does.. Amazon you usually have to ask? ..If they can't, you can cancel and re-order..Most places, excluding a pre-order..usually you don't get the opportunity to change a price, as stuff ships semi quick..but if you have to cancel and re-order to get a better deal..that's not really a big deal..if you have credit left...you can always request it to go back to your CC ..you may lose some $ based on the $ and CAD currency changes.

again, don't buy from dvdsoon if you're looking for something quick..but if you're not in a rush..go for it..I've ordered from them a dozen times, and with the exception of the time it takes to get it ..I've never had a problem with them.
Old 04-12-05, 10:30 PM
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Like we haven't heard all of this stuff before.

I'm glad I didn't listen because I've saved a shitload of money with them.

BTW, just got The Woodsman today, the day of release.

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Old 04-13-05, 12:33 AM
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My Errol Flynn boxset (April 19 street date) should arrive on Thursday.
As mentioned by the two posts above ... with patience dvdsoon is brilliant. It also does not hurt that I am in Canada. As well, I have easily saved a few hundred dollars using them, and i have no complaints to speak of.

Why is it that people feel the need to bash dvdsoon on a regular basis? If you do not like their service, just don't use it.
Old 04-13-05, 05:46 AM
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they're having a huge problem getting in MGM product now.

My Martin Scorsese boxset has been on back order since March 3rd when I ordered it. Same with Dark Blue as well.
Old 04-13-05, 10:24 AM
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OK, here's my scorecard since becoming a Fidelity member in December:

36 items delivered;

1 shipped and on the way at present (not counting the one mentioned below);

1 in packaging;

1 in transit (Hotel Rwanda so it's coming late);

14 that are preorders at present;

1 that I gave up on and cancelled and bought at Best Buy (Other People's Money);

1 that was shipped 3 weeks ago and hasn't arrived so I figure it's lost (Vera Drake, a blind buy). I'm of course a little dismayed that I have to wait about another 3 weeks before I can report it missing and get a replacement).

I've cancelled a few orders to reorder at lower prices. Whenever I have a credit I do not try to get it credited back to my credit card. I hold the credit until I spend it on the next good deal. I don't worry that they are making a few cents in interest on my money, either because they charge on ordering or when I'm carrying a credit.

Through all this I have saved about 47% off list prices (and that includes factoring in the fee I paid to become a Fidelity member).

All in all, I find it well worth it.
Old 04-14-05, 02:24 PM
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I've ordered from them 9 times.

Never had to cancel anything.

It's taken a LONG time for some products (up to a month) but they always come through.

Bottom line - I'm a patient guy. I'd rather save the money and get the item a few weeks later, than pay more for it RIGHT NOW. I have a backlog of titles I need to watch before getting to new purchases anyway.
Old 04-14-05, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Dabaomb
they're having a huge problem getting in MGM product now.

My Martin Scorsese boxset has been on back order since March 3rd when I ordered it. Same with Dark Blue as well.

I agree !! DVD Soon appear to be having a few issues with MGM.

Titles such as BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALREDO GARCIA and STRANGE INVADERS have been 'ON ORDER' for weeks !!

Yep - even us small folks in Australia have been complaining about stock issues recently.

*** check out www.dvdplaza.com.au and the DVDSoon thread for us !!

Overall - you can't complain TOO MUCH about DVDSoon. Cheap prices - and for us down under .. FREE SHIPPING for members !!!

If you want to REALLY COMPLAIN about an online etailer - try AMAZON CANADA !!!! 8 weeks to ship via standard delivery to Australia - AND THEY CHARGE YOU $C7 for a single DVD. G E T R E A L !!!
Old 04-26-05, 10:36 PM
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I ordered probably 3 seasons of The X-Files from DVDSoon when they were being released. They were a little slow but it saved me a great deal of cash so I was willing to wait.
Old 05-01-05, 08:44 PM
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DVDSoon is my major source for R1 discs. I live in AU and the last 2 orders I've made with them have arrived within 4 days of being shipped. Very rarely have I ordered anything that wasn't in stock, but even in those cases it only took a couple of weeks for them to get here.

Even with big stores like Amazon it takes 7-10 days to get here from the time it was shipped, so if I'm in a hurry, and I know my item is in stock, I use DVDSoon. I can't really fault them.

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