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Old 07-24-04, 09:35 AM   #1
Join Date: Apr 2000
Posts: 836 anyone use it before?

Anyway ever use this store before their prices are forking super cheap. Like this thing it's $400 or $500 at CC depends if it's on sale.

Is this stuff used or something? The prices just seem to be way to good.
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Old 07-24-04, 11:31 AM   #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2000
Posts: 842
Yes, not only is it a used piece of equipment, but also it was returned by the previous owner because something was wrong with it. Onkyo then fixed it and is now allowing ecost to resell it (more than likely with the same warranty that normally comes with a new model).

This is what the word "refurbished" means in the item description "HT-S760 6.1-channel home theater audio system Refurbished by Onkyo".

This does not mean that you should completely avoid refurbished items. Some people has had great success with them. You should simply be aware of the risks. Before buying, you should feel that the savings are considerable and that the Manufacturer's Warranty is worthy (dependent upon the manufacturer, some refurbished items are given a new warranty even longer than one of their brand new items). On this item it appears you have to email ecost for exact warranty information.

I noticed that ecost also offers extended warranties with on-site service. This might not be a bad idea on a refurbished purchase (dependent upon the cost).

As far as the reputation of goes, here is a link to the site:

It appears they have had more than 50,000 reviews and have a 95% Satisfied Ranking (90% Positive & 5% Neutral)! Seems pretty good to me, but you can read some of the reviews for yourself!

Good Luck!
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Old 07-24-04, 11:10 PM   #3
Join Date: Apr 2000
Posts: 836
Damn I did not even see refurbished. Damn I need my eyes looked at I guess. Thanks for the help bud.
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Old 07-24-04, 11:26 PM   #4
DVD Talk Legend
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Danville, CA
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I've purchased games from them before with no complaints.
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Old 07-25-04, 01:25 AM   #5
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
Join Date: Jun 2001
Posts: 4,758
I've purchased 2 receivers and dvd player from ecost and never had a problem. I believe they are associated with pcmall/macmall.
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Old 07-27-04, 03:32 AM   #6
DVD Talk Ultimate Edition
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Gator Nation
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I have ordered from them on several occasions and would highly recommend them. They are the best place to buy memory (cards, sticks, usb drives) and other such items.

Their shipping is super fast as well, and free with purchases over $25.

One thing to keep in mind is that they charge a $4 "processing" fee per order so if you can purchase multiple items that you may want in one order. It kind stinks but even with this fee they are still really cheap.
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Old 07-28-04, 11:23 AM   #7
DVD Talk Legend
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Join Date: Nov 2001
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I bought my ReplayTV from them. It was new and in the box for only $114. Fast shipping. I'd buy from them again.
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Old 07-29-04, 08:37 PM   #8
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Mar 2000
Location: Natick, Ma, USA
Posts: 6,193
Yes, not only is it a used piece of equipment, but also it was returned by the previous owner because something was wrong with it.
This is not always the case. Refurbished can mean lots of different things. I purchased a refurbished Onkyo receiver and it looked brand new- many times a manufacturer tries to clear out inventory by labeling products as refurb.
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Old 07-30-04, 10:40 AM   #9
DVD Talk Gold Edition
Join Date: Dec 1999
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Posts: 2,630
Another thumbs up for eCost.
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Old 08-13-04, 04:17 PM   #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1999
Posts: 713
Tanman says that there is a $4 "processing" fee which is not totally correct.

Their "processing" fee is not a flat $4, but varies depending on the price of the item.

So factor in their fee and then you can judge if they are the cheapest.

I have purchased from them in the past and not had a problem!
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