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returning dvd to DDD?

Old 02-21-04, 01:54 AM
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returning dvd to DDD?


I received Star Trek 6 and both dvds were loose and all scratched up when I opened up the package. So I want a replacement to be sent. Does DDD refund you shipping the dvd back to them or do we have to pay? Anyone who has experience with returning dvds to DDD, would be helpful.

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Old 02-21-04, 02:23 AM
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I haven't done a return to DDD but have read from here that you can call them up for a return mailing label. Sometimes they might send you a replacement along with the return mailing label straight away.
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Old 02-21-04, 02:34 AM
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You'll have to call them. When I've returned discs to DDD, I paid for the shipping. But others have posted that DDD sent out a return label.
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Old 02-21-04, 08:59 AM
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For the one item I had to return (they sent the wrong DVD) I called and they mailed me a postage-paid mailing label.
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Old 02-21-04, 02:25 PM
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I'm currently going through my first return with a defective DVD from the 20% off sale at DDD, so here is a breakdown of what has happened to date, and what you should probably expect. I called customer service and was sent a return postage label within a week. I promptly mailed the DVD back the next day after receiving the label, and about three weeks later a credit was issued to my credit card for the purchase price. A few days later I was sent an email saying a replacement DVD was mailed. Another charge was posted to my credit card account for the original purchase price. Currently the DVD is still in transit but I expect delivery sometime next week. From my experieince DDD is not as fast as Amazon with exchanges, but at least everything so far has gone smoothly.
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Old 02-21-04, 03:56 PM
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Re: returning dvd to DDD?

Originally posted by Mikey

I received Star Trek 6 and both dvds were loose and all scratched up when I opened up the package. So I want a replacement to be sent. Does DDD refund you shipping the dvd back to them or do we have to pay? Anyone who has experience with returning dvds to DDD, would be helpful.

They sent me the wrong title and I called them. They told me I would receive a return shipping label from them in 7 to 10 days. It now been 32 days and no label yet. I paid to ship it back last week with delivery confirmation. Still waiting for a refund. I'am steering clear of this joint in the future, low price or not its just not worth it when they screw up and this is not the first time but the worst.
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Old 02-21-04, 08:35 PM
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I'm with ernestrp. As far as I'm concerned, customer service for problems at DDD absolutely sucks.

My most recent case is not the first. In early December, I bought the new Alien box set. After checking it, I noticed that a couple of the hubs were broken, and the discs were badly scratched.
On 12/30, I sent an email. I also phoned, and spoke with a CSR, who told me that they would be sending a pre-paid return label, along with a replacement set at the same time. The latter was done at my request, because I mentioned that I'd been a long-term customer, and would like to be able to have both sets in hand at once, in order to try to make one good set. With 9 discs in the set, this seemed like a logical idea.

On 1/6, I finally got an answer to my 12/30 email, so I'm glad I had called.

On 1/10, I hadn't received anything, no return label, no replacement, nada. Tried to call twice, busy, no answer. Same result on 1/12.

Finally, on 1/13, I got hold of a CSR by phone, and she told me that in reference to my order, "there was no note about the problem" from the previous CSR who had promised the replacement and the return label.
The new CSR apologize and told me that she would contact the other person, and they would call me within a few hours to clear it up. By now, you can guess if I got the call - NO.

OK, so 2 weeks later, I'm back at square 1.

I never heard back from them, no call, no email - nuttin', honey.

I waited another week. Luckily, I was able to find a nice local retailer that did a post-holiday exchange for the same item, so I was able to take care of the problem myself.

By the way, I was never rude or upset on the phone, just friendly and patient, wanting to get the problem resolved. After being first lied to, and then ignored, especially after having a long customer history, I definitely got pissed off. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops of fire to get a simple problem resolved.

They won't miss me as a customer. Now I'm sticking with my two favorite online retailers for the bulk of my business, places that I've shopped at for years with many transactions, and had good treatment when a problem came up. Those are Digital Eyes, and Amazon.

Oh, it's now nearly the end of February, and I still haven't heard anything from DDD about the problem.
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Old 02-22-04, 03:26 AM
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I've returned several DVD products to DDD and the turn around time (the time the receive it to the time they issue issue a credit and reorder) varies anywhere from 3-5 weeks. Most other places is usually 24-72 hours. I usually pay to ship it back so I can get delivery confirmation. I don't want to have proof of return problems.

Also, them mailing you a prepaid mailer is just silly. They should save themselves a stamp and instead email you a .pdf so you can print out and affix on your package. It's pretty pathetic that they can't figure this out.
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Old 02-23-04, 03:12 PM
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I had a scratched disc 1 on Alias Season One. They sent a return postage label, but to my mom (since it was her order for my Christmas present), even after specifically being asked to send it direct to me.

Mom sent me the label, and I sent back the set on 1/31. (They were unable to exchange one disc only.)

Today I called them, and they never even got the returned set. I don't know whether to blame them or USPS.

Anyway, to their credit, they are going to send the replacement set out anyway, and the woman I spoke to even took **my** address so it comes to me and not my Mom on the other end of the state. The CS rep was very courteous, and understood my problem well.

My advice is to call and wait on hold, rather than do e-mail. The e-mail reps seems to screw up a bit. If things are taking too long, call them on it, as they seem to respond well to courteous complaints from customers that have genuinely been waiting too long.

We'll see if (a) it really comes to me, and (b) there are no floaters this time, but I'm hopeful.
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