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Best buy and COMpusa

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Best buy and COMpusa

Old 12-21-02, 07:06 AM
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Best buy and COMpusa

I used to work at Best Buy and my bro used to work at compusa and I would like to shed a complete lite on those uhmm service plans for starters Compusa makes commision i believe on them that is why they fight physically over who gets what. But for Best Buy you either get fired or beaten with whips and leather in the conference room until you sell a service plan. I worked in the computer departement of best buy for about 4 months in that time we had a plan to sell service i dont know how well adapted or used it is everywhere but be aware of these steps

1, Ask customer for warranty
2, if they dont take converse with them about problems or ideas why it would be good to own one for the future
3, if that fails walk away and go get a different representative (this one will walk up and be act like he didnt realize you where ever there, and then ask you "did your rep mention the warranty service?" )
4, If you say no to him he will then ask you if you have problems money wise if you agree to this he will take the amount it costs for the service plan and deduct it from the total cost fo your item(s) and then add the service plan on the end to make it look like they gave it to you for free when they are jsut taking money away from the item. OF course this depends on markup value most of the time they do 50 percent of the warranty.
5, If this still doesnt work they may even go get a Manager a store or GM or any type to take you on verbally trying to coerce you into buying the plan. Believe me they are relentless.
6, If all else fails you can make a fool out of them and if you decide to get it tell the manager NO really loadly and turn around to a rep that you havnet spoken to and ask him to fill you out a warranty deal since he was nice enough not to push it on you. Other wise walk off in spite and anger to the store which also works well

COmpusa has the exact same method of operation except for some variances I walked in there one day to buy a pc HAHA and I had a fella helpin me out since their systems didnt clearly state wether it was onbord graphics or not and I coudlnt tell since the comptuers didnt have a monitor hooked up so I could check for a onbord graphics chip. Anyways he signed this deal and put his name on it and everything I come back in there about 5 hours later from shoppin around and I go to the same spot waiting for the guy this big dude comes over and says he was the one who helped me I told him no hes not and pointed to the other guy and he proceedes to tell me he doenst know what hes talking about and I should purchase from him. I tell the man No if I buy it from hi its because I dont need help anymore TY. SO the guy who helped me comes over and they begin to get in a big brawl while they where fighting however I got the peices and left and told the cashier that I didnt want the service hehe so I got off easy.

I also got kicked / banned from CompUSA :

I was walking aroudn and noticed the Mac computers and how pretty they were I tlaked to the rep and bashed MAC to the uttermost possibility and he kept coming back that the x86 was obselete and mac g4 has the processing power of the gods and the dual chip would take on any system nowadays. I asked him why there werent any games loaded on this beast if it was so good he said he would remedy that and pulled out ONI o his laptop he began to itterate how smoothly the game worked well he begins to load it and it crashes he has to reboot and then loads the game again I asked him what his settings where he said high I go in personally and looik and they are all set to low for textures and the whole bit wiht a low resolution (not like oni has superb textures anyways) so I play it and then it starts to lag. OH well that was pretty uneventful. Anyways I was there long enough that the MAC owners CLUB of Des Moines walked in the rep was conversing and dilevering a written speach to these 80 year old people on how good MAC was I go over and start in and ask him hard questions about comparison and reviews on the internet as of now compared to systems and the compusa reps come over and move me aside and tell me not to say any of that since those people spend about 50000 dollars a year in their store. Well I procede down to the Power supply section and notice they are having a sale woopei! anyways I look at the tag and it says like 30 dollars off original price of a antec PS i was like wow nice ! I noticed however the original price tag of 100 dollars and then look at the sale and see that it says 130 - 30 =100 = savings! I was like WTF ok 130 si definitly not the original price so I walk over and tlel em I want it for 100 - 30 since 100 is original. THey said no and the manager tells the customer service guy to rip up the tag for 99.99 that was on the thing. I walk into the managers office and demand he show me the price for the peice on the computer he had the SKU infront of him and it took him 10 minutes to find it which is BS since a SKU search returns direct results related to the item. He finds and item Im assuming for 100 dollars and says that is a old price as he circles it on the monitor. I ask him if I could wathc him enter the SKU exactly he says no I dont think you know enough about this to understand it so I tell the man I worked at BB he still goes off so I tell him that I want to return an item and Ill be calling the Better Business Buruea and walk right out of his office and he looked at me like I jsut shot him in the head! HAHAHA it was great anyways I go to return the item and scrible halfway down the peice of paper but I write my real name down for the return slip info. I come back later on that day about 1 hour and so happens the GM is there and we walk in and he stops us and he pulls out that slip and says "Your gonna contact the BBB for fradulant ad and malicious use of advertisment well what about this?" shows me my slip I point out that that is my name and he cant take offence if I write badly so he turns arond and says "Well all I want you to know is tht if you contact the BBB they will hear about this so we argue hard for about 30 minutes and he tell sme he just wants to hear me say I pur down fradulant info on the slip I say I want to hear you say you fradualantly advertised knowing it was wrong and in the end not allowing me to have it at the marked price he says " OK I ADMIT IT IT WAS WRONG OF US!" he says now admit you were wrong all of a suddne I reach in my pocket and pull out my pocket pc and tell him I love COmpUSA for selling me this compaq ipaq and replayed the part where he admitted to fradulant advertisement I had caught him recorded on my ipaq!!! I told him there was no way in hell I was admitting to it. That day I was kicked out of CompUSA for goo dand got a free PS supply!
Old 12-21-02, 07:20 PM
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And your point is ...?
Old 12-23-02, 10:10 AM
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I bought a PS2 from CompUSA last week - they offered the warranty and I said 'no' and that was that.

The other funny thing was that I wanted GTA: Vice City along with the PS2. I went to Best Buy first - no copies of Vice City. What a shock. Since they didn't have Vice City, I wasn't going to buy a PS2 there. Went to CompUSA and they must have had 25+ copies of Vice City. Happy to give my business to CompUSA rather than Worst Buy.
Old 12-23-02, 10:56 AM
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I think I have a headache....
Old 12-23-02, 11:06 AM
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Dude - spell checking is your friend. Paragraph breaks will not give you cancer, contrary to popular belief.
Old 12-28-02, 04:34 AM
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HAHA that was funny kabong so funny infact that I soiled myself oh and btw I have no friends prick.
Old 12-28-02, 06:41 AM
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Originally posted by XXtrizz
HAHA that was funny kabong so funny infact that I soiled myself oh and btw I have no friends *****.
Welcome to the Forum XXtrizz!

Be careful of language like that. Mods can ban you and this really is a great place most of the time.

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