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Yo quero Taco HELL?

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Yo quero Taco HELL?

Old 05-17-02, 09:56 PM
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This is why our court system is becoming increasingly bogged down and ineffective. We live in a hyper-sensitive society where people always think they're entitled to monetary compensation and are willing to sue over something as trivial as a CUP OF ICE.

As someone else already pointed out, it doesn't matter if you've been a customer of theirs all your life. On this particular occasion, you did not buy anything from them, and you therefore had no right to take ice, water, or anything else without specifically asking someone for permission to do so.

Chalk it up to hurt feelings and a lesson learned and move on with your life!
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Old 05-17-02, 10:15 PM
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[Advice you don't want so don't read] Get on with your life. Stop worring about how to make a dollar by suing Taco Bell. Did they have you arrested? Did they make you lose your job? Never go into that Taco Bell again and leave it alone. There are more important things to worry about, like the hot coffee at McDonald's [/Advice you don't want so don't read]
Oh, darn and I read it.

Actually, just because I brought up the idea of suing them, doesn't mean I would. And just because I said that sign needs to be put up doesn't mean I think it should. And because I mentioned the McDonald's coffee lawsuit doesn't mean I support it. I know what happened to me was frivilous, I am not an idiot. But maybe I am just trying to get reactions from both sides of the fence so I present the most outrageous solutions I can think of to see the reaction it gets. As I said before, I doubt I will sue them, I will probably hear from their district manager on Monday and I would like to know what I can say to them. I can threaten a law suit even if it's a bluff. Nothing wrong with that. Just like they can tell me they can get me for violating public health issues even if it's a bluff.

And how do you know I am not already planning to do what you suggested? I just am more interested in hearing from the other side of the fence that thinks I should sue. Can anybody give me one good reason I could win if I did?
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Old 05-18-02, 01:09 AM
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I am so sick of people thinking that businesses owe them something. Is it good customer service to give away a cup of ice or a free refill every now and then? Undoubtedly yes. Should you walk in to an establishment EXPECTING that? NO, I don't care if you've gone in there twice a day every day of your life.

Why is this pressing a button with me right now? Here is why -- the company that I work for (an unnamed gas station/convenience store) is so GDed cheap that they feel that we are not making enough of a profit margin on our fountain sodas and coffee. So, to make this up, the employees are no longer going to be allowed free soda and coffee. Now, I suppose that I am breaking the mandate that I started with by expecting that I should be able to get a free drink while working. But to start charging your employees 73 cents for a few pennies of soda or coffee I think is ludicrous. So, the next time you go to grab a handful of napkins or plastic forks for home, or a handful of ketchup packets, or a cup of ice . . . just remember how f@#%ing cheap corporate America is.

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Old 05-18-02, 03:31 AM
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calhoun07- How old are you? My estimate, 13-14 ish! Give me a flipping break! Your going to talk to the district manager?!?! About what? That your a complete moron with no common sense! I didn't want to have to come out and say it, but SHUP UP already! Oh yeah, the other day I went into Carls Jr. and took some of those free ketchup packets without buying anything and they told me that I can't. Now I'm sueing them and calling corporate to complain, dah I wonder why they got mad. Somebody, please fill my brain with more air, because as I'm writing this, all of the air in my brain is leaking out from the overload. Damn hillbillies from the sticks of Alabama.
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Old 05-18-02, 04:17 AM
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This isnt for or against you in any way Calhoun just my observation.

I always thought it common courtesy that you didnt go into a resturant and get ice/drink/sauce whatever without being an actual customer.

Maybe thats just me.
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Old 05-18-02, 06:15 AM
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I've never really thought about this before, but...

Isn't water generally free? I'm thinking here of drinking fountains, public bathrooms, you don't generally get charged for water or ice water at restaurants.

Is there some precedent for the expectation that water (and, by extension, ice) available be free of charge? At least as long as it isn't pre-packaged, like bottled water or bags of ice.

(oops, UAIOE beat me to it.)
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Old 05-18-02, 07:03 AM
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Originally posted by calhoun07
As I said before, I doubt I will sue them, I will probably hear from their district manager on Monday and I would like to know what I can say to them. I can threaten a law suit even if it's a bluff. Nothing wrong with that. [....] I just am more interested in hearing from the other side of the fence that thinks I should sue. Can anybody give me one good reason I could win if I did?
</small>I can't.

And no-one else has so far.

Frankly, if I was that general manager I would make your general manager my next port of call....

<small>.... but the whole affair is looking like more and more of a troll with every post.</small>
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Old 05-18-02, 10:49 AM
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Poor guy came on this forum looking for sympathy and look what he got.

That's not to say I agree with you, Calhoun (as if you had to hear this again lol). You sound like someone who is just used to getting their way and (God forbid!) one time you didn't so you overreacted and got all defensive. You were also expecting to get "your way" in this thread by others agreeing with you and, again, that didn't happen so, again, you're getting defensive.

I highly doubt the employees would have been "confrontational" had you not tried to be cool by ignoring them. And I'm sorry but saying that what you were doing was not a health hazard because they have "snot faced" people cleaning trays is just a logical absurdity. I'm just happy this sort of thing doesn't happen to you often (I'm assuming this is the very first time it happened based on your reaction) cause I don't think you would be able to take it. Like others have said, just let it go.
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Old 05-18-02, 11:11 AM
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I can't believe you are making such a big deal about a small incident. Talking to the district manager? Suing? Just shrug it off and let it go, man. Life is to short.
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Old 05-18-02, 12:10 PM
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I think we've seen all the distinct arguments on both sides of this issue, leaving emotional and combative responses as the only new direction for this thread to take.

So I'm closing it.
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