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Breaking News: Matt Hardy might go back to WWE

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Breaking News: Matt Hardy might go back to WWE

As I discussed yesterday on my Elite Hotline, World Wrestling Entertainment officials contacted Matt Hardy several days prior to the Raw wedding angle between Edge and Lita, requesting that Hardy give them some time to potentially make him an offer to return to the company before he agrees to any TNA offers. All indications are that the fan reaction and chants regarding Hardy in recent months have opened management's eyes to the money making potential of a storyline between Hardy and Edge (if they are willing to bring Hardy back), as obviously there are a lot of emotional, real life issues between the two.

This places Hardy in a really good position as he's become a very talked about hot commodity who has his pick of the litter in the near future, even if WWE doesn't make him an offer to return. Hardy is at the point he can pretty much write his own ticket on the independents (where some promoters have claimed he is asking for $2,500-$3000 a shot), TNA, or even possibly Japan. If course, as it stands, there is also a distinct possibility he can head back into World Wrestling Entertainment (if they make him an offer) with an angle that fans are literally asking for weekly. In many ways, Hardy's current situation could be compared somewhat to Bret Hart's red hot momentum after the Montreal incident in November 1997, although WCW completely dropped the ball on that once Hart debuted for them.

Hardy's current WWE no-compete expires on 7/11. According to several sources, he has a TNA offer on the table with the idea that he would debut on 7/17 at the No Surrender PPV in an angle involving Jeff Jarrett. It is believed that TNA had been holding out Matt's brother Jeff, who was sent home for disciplinary reasons, from returning until Matt made his debut. Hardy would be one of the biggest acquisitions in TNA history in that he is young, has a strong fan following, and would be a reliable hand to book into main event positions, something WWE had never given him a chance to do.

Hardy was released this past April after coming forward via public statements on his website in regards to his then-girlfriend Lita getting involved with Hardy's long-time friend Edge, who was married. Hardy had been recovering from knee surgery at the time of the situation and was prepared to return to WWE when he was surprisingly given his release.

Fans immediately took to Hardy's cause, chanting "We Want Matt" and "You Screwed Matt" across the world at the pair. Those same fans have now helped Hardy get into a very enviable position, where his next move is going to change the outlook of the immediate future of both WWE and TNA.
Thanks to Dave Speiran for the following. ... Looks like Matt Hardy is trying to figure out if his fans are going to follow him, or turn on him if he decides to go back to the WWE. This is from his website:

Greetings Amigos!

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and happy. Recently, it seems that alot of people are discussing several different possible scenarios in my future. There's a ton of speculation about everything concerning Matt Hardy these days--but I want all of my fans and supporters to know that I have always been honest with them. With that said, I have a hypothetical question for everyone. In a perfect world, where do you wish Matt Hardy would end up wrestling in the future and why? If you respond, put some time and thought into your answer--I look forward to seeing what everyone says. Until then...


After scrolling through several of the posts it looks like the majority wants him back in the WWE. You can check out the thread at

Thanks again to Dave for sending that along. Ironically, it mirrors the poll question we posted early this morning here on the site, where a majority of those who voted want to see Matt show up on WWE Raw.

I dont know about u guys but WWE is where he belongs....
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Big Pimpin' Alex

I would like to see a return of the Hardy Boys in TNA.
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Well, it seems that Matt has moved on from Lita anyways, considering the new pics of him and his friend Lori, so if he's ok with it and where the angle will be going.. good for him. Besides, he can work pretty stiff against both Edge and Lita. I just think he should ask for max money fromthe WWE especially after the angle dies out and gets fucked over by the writers, sending Matt back into cruiserweight dark matches.
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It's been a rumor for a long time that he'd return. Vince knows he can make a ton with an Edge-Lita-Matt-Kane storyline, so don't be surprised to see it in the near future.
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I'd like to see Matt come back a be used in major storyine. It's not like Edge will ever be a main eventer.
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The man's gotta eat. I don't know why they fired him in the first place, although it's worked out nice for him. $$$
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I nearly shit my pants when his music hit during "the wedding" a few weeks ago...damn that was a wasted opportunity...I would love to see him back...beating the fuck out of a working sense.
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In all honestly, how long would a Hardy-Edge storyline last? At best a month before the WWE (read: Trips H) thinks it has gone south. I think Matt has a better oppurtunity in TNA in the X-division. Matches against AJ Styles and the like would be awesome.
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