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edytwinky 05-08-05 03:58 PM

05/09/05 - WWE RAW Preview - Gold Rush Tournament Continues

MAY 9, 2005

The pressure will be on as the remaining Gold Rush Tournament contenders battle while only two wins away from facing Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge will face Shawn Michaels as a bitter rivalry is renewed. Who can forget their brawl all around an arena on RAW. … or their match at Royal Rumble. Both men are on impressive win streaks, but one will have to end short of being the No. 1 Contender. Edge has already indicated that he’ll leave it all in the ring because he sees this tournament as the key to his first world championship reign. It his words, to have two guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship opportunities would be “money in the bank.” Can HBK tune up the band and turn away Edge? Tune in Monday night to find out.

In the other huge semifinal, The Rabid Wolverine will try to rip into The Big Red Monster. With drastically different approaches to a match, the winner will likely be the Superstar who dictates the pace and style. If Kane can apply brute force, he’ll likely advance; if Chris Benoit can cut Kane down and apply his crippling submission arsenal, he should be one step closer to his second World Heavyweight Championship.

And we’re sure to hear from Triple H, who was disgusted with Batista for his role in The Game’s match last Monday. Where does Evolution go from here?

Watch Monday Night RAW (9/8 CT; Spike TV) to find out.


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