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Jeremy517 03-18-04 01:00 AM

DVDTalk Collective Bracket -- FINAL Round!
twikoff and juiio present...
A DVDTalk production...
<b>The second annual DVDTalk Collective Bracket FINALS</b>

Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five

<b>How it works:</b>
We'll vote on each game round-by-round. For example, this thread will be for voting on the second-round games. The teams recieving the most votes will advance to the second round. The next thread will be for voting on the second round. In case of a tie, the higher seed will advance.

For example:
If voting in round one is Boston College 33 - Utah 12, Northern Iowa 23 - Georgia Tech 22, then for round two, we will vote on Boston College vs Northern Iowa.

For the final round, we will just use a poll instead of voting via posts.

You do not have to vote on every thread to participate. Participate in as many threads as you can/want to.

<b>Here are the estimated times for the rounds</b>
<b>Sixth Round: </b>Now until shortly before game time on Thursday.

<b>We need to finish before the tipoff of the first game on Thursday so that the picks can be entered in the Yahoo contest</b>

Don't be afraid to vote for upsets. We'd like to try to avoid ending up like this, where they only have two "upsets" in the first round and both of them are 9 over 8. However please vote seriously :)

Jeremy517 03-18-04 01:01 AM

<b>Final game. We will vote using a poll this time.</b>

1 Kentucky vs 2 UConn

Jeremy517 03-18-04 01:01 AM

<img src="http://www.chartrand.org/juiio/dvdtalk.gif">

Bacon 03-18-04 01:23 AM

Duke's not in it?
Why bother ;)


Quake1028 03-18-04 01:43 AM


Bill Geiger 03-18-04 02:43 AM

Uconn GMV

Blake 03-18-04 03:08 AM


Oh wait...umm...UCONN :)

MrX 03-18-04 03:34 AM


quackers 03-18-04 06:37 AM


the aftermath 03-18-04 09:38 AM


twikoff 03-18-04 09:44 AM

2 hours, 34 minutes till gametime
get your votes in! :D

HistoryProf 03-18-04 10:58 AM


and I don't mean the lubricant. Although UConn might need some of that :)

Jeremy517 03-18-04 11:58 AM

<b>The second annual DVDTalk Collective Bracket is complete!</b>

Uconn overtakes Kentucky by an 11 to 5 margin.

Thanks to everyone who participated. The completed entry is in the second Yahoo group. The complete bracket will also appear in this thread as soon as my host stops having FTP issues :)

twikoff 03-18-04 12:08 PM

good job juiio
that went smoothly enough :up:

i think in the live chat last year, more people wanted to take the long shots.. not as many upsets predicted, doing it this way.. but there was probably more total participation this way

Jeremy517 03-18-04 12:19 PM

Thanks :up:

I think this way worked out better. We ended up a with a lot of different participants. Our number of upsets is pretty decent; not too many, not too few.

Jeremy517 03-18-04 08:41 PM

The bracket finally displays again.

B.A. 03-18-04 10:01 PM

Originally posted by Canadian Bacon
Duke's not in it?
Why bother...


B.A. 03-18-04 10:02 PM


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