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Ranger02 01-10-03 09:46 PM

Mark Redman a Marlin

Mark Redman, acquired from Minnesota in 2001 for Todd Jones, was the lastest traded Tiger today.

I'm still can't find out who else was involved in the deal.

wildcatlh 01-10-03 11:10 PM

Sole remaining Marlin fan opinion:

As long as the prospects were no-names, hallelujah. Better this than that horrible Colon trade.

Da Thrilla 01-10-03 11:16 PM

Good for Redman! (he was a former Twin ;) )

Ranger02 01-11-03 03:10 AM

In a semi-related story, Florida Marlins also inks Gerald Williams to a 1-year deal.

And I'm here to say WTF? Are they effing stupid down in Miami? Why is God's name would you sign Gerald Williams to a contract for him to play baseball? What good is he? Rickey Henderson is a wiser investment than Williams.

I hope every Marlins fan remembers 1997 well because that was the last time they'll ever win it all again (until someone shoots Loriza and the entire front office and they come under new management)

They do have a very good LHP in Redman but I'll ask "for how long?". Redman's W/L record doesn't show it but he is a quality pitcher, it just takes him a few games to get his stuff going and he loses his stuff in early September.

Ranger02 01-11-03 03:14 AM

Originally posted by WildcatLH
As long as the prospects were no-names, hallelujah. Better this than that horrible Colon trade.
And as one of the few Tigers fans here...

I'd be mightly p'oed if Levinski isn't one of the prospects involved with the deals. Redman is worth two high quality prospects.

wildcatlh 01-11-03 04:42 PM

Here's the trade, according to the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel...

The Marlins sent right-hander Gary Knotts and minor league left-handers Nate Robertson and Rob Henkel to the Tigers for Redman and minor league right-hander Jason Fuell.

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