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Applejack 12-20-02 04:09 PM

Cliff Floyd to the Mets

I like the move. At least we have one good hitting outfielder now.

Deftones 12-20-02 04:37 PM


The NL East is really stacking up on players this year.

Da Thrilla 12-20-02 05:23 PM

I hope Floyd doesn't mind the smell of marijuana!

Applejack 12-20-02 05:37 PM

Gammons reports that he signed for 4 years at 26 million.

I'm a little surprised that he came so cheaply. I think he could have gotten more in arbitration probably.

Now they have to find a taker for Cedeno or Burnitz.

Signing Glavine and Floyd, and getting rid of Ordonez... it's like a dream come true.

Ralph Wiggum 12-20-02 07:05 PM

The Mets have a lot of talent on that team.

twikoff 12-20-02 07:54 PM

Originally posted by Ralph Wiggum
The Mets have a lot of talent on that team.
:lol: they had alot of 'talent' last year too ;)

DarkElf 12-20-02 08:08 PM

And I'm still expecting the Mets to sign Japanese power hitting 3B Norihiro Nakamura.

Nakamura led the Pacific League in RBI the past two seasons, hitting 46 homers in 2001 and 42 in 2002, with Kintetsu. .

das Monkey 12-20-02 09:13 PM

Stop the insanity. I've been saying for a few years now that the Mets needed to dismantle and rebuild, and I wasn't the least bit scared of the jumbled mess they formed for last season ... but damn. Can't we get Floyd out of the NL East? That guy owns us. And as much as I'm looking forward to booing him, I'm not looking forward to facing Glavine on the mound.

I've hated Valentine for years, and it looks like all these new signees weren't too fond of him either. Now that he's gone, the Mets are really getting some free agent action. I hope spending all this money backfires on them, but this year's signees are a lot more stable IMO than last year's.


qbert 12-21-02 04:10 AM

Originally posted by das Monkey
but this year's signees are a lot more stable IMO than last year's.


agree :)

let's go mets 2003 :D

Ranger02 12-21-02 01:21 PM

Originally posted by twikoff
:lol: they had alot of 'talent' last year too ;)

New York Mets, Shea Stadium.... the land of bad contracts.

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