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Baron Of Hell 04-08-14 11:32 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by spainlinx0 (Post 12072028)
Shocking! I wonder why in the world they wouldn't want their activities accurately recorded?

Sometimes they feel bad for the bad guys and want to let them go with just a warning and a hug. They can't do that if they are being recorded.

NotThatGuy 04-09-14 01:33 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Next up.....a bunch of officers getting to sit at home (with pay) while there is an "investigation". :rolleyes:

wmansir 04-09-14 04:43 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by Giantrobo (Post 12072008)
The stupid part is that these officers forget that that equipment can also save them from being accused of things they didn't do or say.

It's not stupid because they know their accusers usually need hard evidence to counter the sworn testimony of a law enforcement officer or two.

fujishig 04-09-14 11:45 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Sometimes the cameras don't really catch "resisting arrest" well. When the perp looks at the cop a certain way, it's hard for the cameras to pick up, so better to disable them and rely on testimony.

inri222 04-09-14 12:08 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by Giantrobo (Post 12072008)
LAPD Officers tampering with In Car Monitoring Systems.

Scary stuff. The stupid part is that these officers forget that that equipment can also save them from being accused of things they didn't do or say.

Full story here

...Most of the antennas were removed from cars in the Southeast Division, which covers Watts, Jordan Downs and Nickerson Gardens,
where relations between police and minority communities have historically been marred by mistrust and claims of officer abuse.
The in-car video cameras have been touted as a powerful deterrent to police misconduct and a tool for defending officers against false accusations...

Lt Ripley 04-09-14 05:08 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Watt, Jordan pullin' her son's nickers down in the garden?!

Laser Movies 04-11-14 02:32 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Cops gun down an innocent man running for his life from a man with a knife.

Aspiring TV producer mistakenly killed by deputies in West Hollywood

By Joseph Serna This post has been corrected, as indicated below.

April 10, 2014, 4:56 p.m.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department acknowledged Thursday that its deputies mistakenly shot and killed a aspiring TV producer they thought was a stabbing suspect.

In fact, John Winkler, 30, had gone to a neighbor's apartment Monday night on Palm Avenue in West Hollywood where a man was holding people hostage and tried to help.

Winkler was shot when he rushed out of the apartment with another victim who had been trapped inside the apartment with a third victim and the suspect, sheriff's officials said in a statement.

“The apartment door suddenly opened and a male victim came rushing out,” the statement said. “He was covered in blood and bleeding profusely from the neck. Simultaneously, victim Winkler ran out of the door, lunging at the back of the fleeing victim. Both ran directly at the deputies.”

Three deputies fired at Winkler. He was shot once and died.

[Updated at 4:56 p.m.: Interim Sheriff John Scott on Thursday called the shooting “very tragic.”

Winkler's friend Devin Richardson said Winkler was friends with two of the people held hostage and had rushed over to the apartment when he heard them screaming.

“It's just a really sad story,” Richardson said. “He basically went to help some neighbors and ends up getting shot.”

Winkler had moved to West Hollywood from Washington state six months ago to pursue a career in entertainment and had recently been hired for several days as a production assistant for the comedy show “Tosh.0.” Richardson said Winkler wanted to become a producer.

An aunt said Winkler was thrilled about being in Hollywood.

“He was quite excited the last time we talked to him,” said Anne-Marie Van Wart, 62, of Tacoma, Wash.

She remembered the last time she talked to him. She was at his parents' house in January and Winkler’s whole family was there, including his two younger brothers.

“He was just boisterous and excited, he was just getting his foot in the door of life. Just, the light was right around the corner…and [now] he’s gone.”

The incident unfolded about 9:30 pm on Monday night in a large apartment complex off Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sheriff’s deputies said they got a call about an assailant with a knife inside one of the units. When they got to the complex, a witness told them there were two men in the apartment and that the assailant was a thin white man wearing a black shirt, according to the statement.

Deputies “announced themselves” at the apartment but got no response. The door suddenly burst open and a bloodied man came out. At the same moment, Winkler ran out, “lunging at the back of the fleeing victim,” according to the department.

The deputies believed that “Winkler was the assailant and the assault was ongoing and he would attack the entry team.”

After the deputies fired on Winkler and the other man, they heard “sounds of a fight coming from inside the apartment,” according to the statement. They burst into the room and saw another male victim as well as the suspect, identified as Alexander McDonald. McDonald was choking the third victim and “tearing at his face,” officials said.

The deputies subdued McDonald and arrested him.

Later, officials said, they learned that McDonald had held Winkler and the two other men hostage. When deputies arrived, McDonald flew into “a rage ... began stabbing the men and fighting with them.”

The second man shot by deputies was taken to a hospital where he was treated for stab wounds to the neck and a gunshot wound to the leg. He is in stable condition.

The third victim, who was treated at a hospital for stab wounds to the leg, arms and chest, has been released. Officials said that McDonald and one of the victims were roommates.

McDonald, 27, has been charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of torture. He is being held on $4-million bail.

The Sheriff’s Department’s initial news release the day after the shooting made no mention of the mistaken identity and said the two people shot had “aggressed the deputies.”

Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers said that it was “pretty apparent” the night of the incident that it was a case of mistaken identity. He said he was officially briefed of that determination Tuesday.

Scott, the acting sheriff, said the case was complicated and it took some time to sort out.

The violence stunned residents of the apartment building and West Hollywood.

Apartment 201, where the violence took place, faces the elevator and a stairway. On Thursday, the marble floor outside the door was still stained with blood.

A woman who lives directly below, who did not want to be named, said she heard a commotion Monday night.

She heard voices shouting, “Get down! Get down!” and several popping noises.

Then she heard a man scream.

“It was a primal scream,” the woman said. “It was fear, it was absolutely horrible.”

Residents said the apartment complex was already on edge because of a fatal stabbing two weeks ago.

A Yale-educated physician, Kurtland Ma, 34, was stabbed to death inside his apartment March 29. His partner has been charged with homicide.

West Hollywood officials said they had been inquiring about the circumstances of the shooting for several days and were stunned to get the sheriff’s statement.

“This was already a tragic situation but this makes it all the more tragic,” said Councilman Jeff Prang.]

[For the Record, 2:57 p.m. PDT April 10: An earlier version of this post said Winkler had been hired as a producer. He had actually been hired as a temporary production assistant.]


Bus crash survivor recounts harrowing escape

California bus crash: 5 students among 10 killed; at least 30 injured

Aspiring TV producer mistakenly killed by deputies in West Hollywood


DaveyJoe 04-11-14 02:41 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Jesus, the LAPD is the scariest thing in California.

drake34 04-13-14 04:19 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
There will always be good and bad cops. Just like with politicians and every other job.

Rockmjd23 04-13-14 04:41 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by drake34 (Post 12076508)
There will always be good and bad cops. Just like with politicians and every other job.

Who are these good politicians that you speak of?

Nick Danger 04-21-14 05:44 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
The Department of Justice has been investigating the Albuquerque Police Department because of the frequency of police shootings. The DOJ ripped them a new one.

The department found reasonable cause to believe that APD engages in a pattern or practice of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The department specifically found three patterns of excessive force:

- APD officers too frequently use deadly force against people who pose a minimal threat and in situations where the conduct of the officers heightens the danger and contributes to the need to use force;

- APD officers use less lethal force, including electronic controlled weapons, on people who are passively resisting, non-threatening, observably unable to comply with orders or pose only a minimal threat to the officers; and

- Encounters between APD officers and persons with mental illness and in crisis too frequently result in a use of force or a higher level of force than necessary.

The department also found systemic deficiencies of the APD which contribute to these three patterns, including: deficient policies, failed accountability systems, inadequate training, inadequate supervision, ineffective systems of investigation and adjudication, the absence of a culture of community policing and a lack of sufficient civilian oversight.
DOJ press release.

The whole report is 46 pages.

inri222 04-21-14 06:32 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by Rockmjd23 (Post 12076540)
Who are these good politicians that you speak of?

I sure as hell would like to know that answer.

RoyalTea 04-23-14 10:36 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Yesterday, whoever runs social media for the New York Police Department asked people to tweet out photos of themselves with police officers.


Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook. pic.twitter.com/mE2c3oSmm6

inri222 04-23-14 10:42 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

NYPD Twitter campaign backfires in a big way


(CNN) -- It's hard to imagine how the campaign could have gone more wrong from the perspective of police.

The New York City Police Department on Tuesday asked folks on Twitter to post photos with its officers, using the hashtag #myNYPD.

The response was swift -- and overwhelmingly negative.

Hijacking the hashtag, users posted photographs that allege to show police brutality or misconduct.

"Free Massages from the #NYPD. What does YOUR Police Department offer?" tweeted @OccupyWallStNYC, which posted an image of officers holding a man, seemingly screaming, with his arms behind his back, on top of a car.

"The #NYPD will also help you de-tangle your hair," tweeted @MoreAndAgain, posting a photo of an officer pulling the hair of a person who appears to be under arrest.

Asked about the campaign, an NYPD spokeswoman defended it.

"The NYPD is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community. Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city," said Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster.

Indeed, the posts weren't all bad.

"my photo from my ride along with the boys from the 90th pct," tweeted @poshwonderwoman, showing a woman posing alongside three smiling officers.

One user even criticized the backlash.

"People are so lame, there's a lot of good cops out there as well," tweeted ‏@annuhk.

The social media fail was reminiscent of another recent Twitter debacle.

In 2012, McDonald's created the #McDstories hashtag, asking customers to share their favorite McDonald's memories.

The company yanked the campaign after just two hours and countless food-horror stories about fingernails, insects and bouts of food poisoning.

One user tweeted Tuesday about the harsh lesson learned.

DVD Polizei 04-23-14 01:31 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Somebody not-so-smart in NYPD's PR department.

Red Dog 04-23-14 05:19 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

PenguinJoe 04-28-14 07:44 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
The guy was already in handcuffs.

Knox County cop fired immediately after photos show brutal choking of student

Usually, after charges of police brutality, police officials take their time reacting while they follow procedure to determine who did what. But this episode in Knoxville, Tenn., was so extreme and well-documented that the local sheriff fired the officer immediately.
Frank Phillips, a Knox County Sheriff’s officer, was fired Sunday night after a series of pictures taken by photographer John Messner were published in the Daily Mail in Britain. They showed an officer identified by the Sheriff’s Office as Phillips grabbing 21-year-old college student Jarod Dotson around the neck and squeezing him until he fell to his knees.

inri222 04-29-14 09:47 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

He deserved to be choked, it's so obvious he was resisting. :sarcasm:


crazyronin 04-30-14 10:56 AM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by DaveyJoe (Post 12075122)
Jesus, the LAPD is the scariest thing in California.

You're thinking LA County Sheriff. Its had a bad rep since the '40's

Dave99 04-30-14 08:12 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
Another shaking head moment as the police kill an unarmed man. A man is fleeing down some stairs toward the beach, the sheriff dept tries to shoot him in the back with beanbags. Long beach police, off to the side of the stairs near the bottom, assume the beanbag shots are a gunfight, and shoot and kill the man. No identifiable threat, just shooting on assumptions.
<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=54714dcff9e5" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

dan30oly 04-30-14 08:43 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

I thought we weren't putting death videos on here any longer.

Dave99 04-30-14 08:55 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
since when?

Lt Ripley 04-30-14 08:56 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread
That sucks, for the dead dude and the cop who shot him. If no communication between the LAPD and sheriff office and he hears loud bangs while dude was running towards him, I can see pulling the trigger. Man that sucks.

inri222 04-30-14 11:27 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Police: Off-Duty NYPD Cop Fired At Least 13 Shots At Car In Westchester

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — An off-duty NYPD officer has been arrested after allegedly opening fire, apparently at random, on a car stopped at a Westchester County stoplight Tuesday night.

Brendan Cronin has been charged with first-degree assault. Pelham Police Department Chief Joseph Benefico didn’t disclose Wednesday why the officer allegedly fired his weapon at least 13 times, striking a 47-year-old New Rochelle man who was a passenger in another car six times.

Benefico said Cronin was sitting in a parked car near the Hutchinson River Parkway when he suddenly began firing out the window, emptying his 9-mm Glock handgun.

The victim “heard some popping sounds, and then he told the driver that he thought he had been shot,” Benefico told reporters, including CBS 2′s Tony Aiello.

“Dangerous and bizarre,” Benefico said. “We have no motive as of yet.

“We have not been able to find any link between the two persons,” he added. “We have nothing to link either party to each other – no road rage, nothing.”

A source told CBS 2 that the officer had been drinking with friends at a bar on City Island. He claims he blacked out and remembers nothing about the shooting, the source said.

Benefico said the victim was shot in the torso, arm and hands. He’s hospitalized at Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital in stable condition. Police have released his name.

“I heard ‘boom, boom, boom, boom,” Janet Gessner, who lives nearby, told Aiello. “I was in bed. I was almost asleep. Must have been 11:30, 12 o’clock, so I just simply thought at that point it was a car backfiring on Lincoln Avenue.”

Cronin was pulled over while driving with his hazard lights on, police said. The 27-year-old Yonkers resident refused to take a Breathalyzer test, authorities said.

He has been temporarily relieved of his NYPD duties, Aiello reported.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Internal Affairs detectives are investigating.

It wasn’t clear if Cronin had an attorney. A union spokesman didn’t return a message.

Last week, a New York City police detective was arraigned on a drunken driving charge. He said he accidentally shot his partner in the wrist in their car.

Bratton said Wednesday that reports of misusing alcohol by officers were a cause for concern.

“I personally am very disturbed about the number of incidents in recent weeks that are part of a longer-term problem of inappropriate use of alcohol by members of the department,” Bratton said.

DVD Polizei 04-30-14 11:56 PM

Re: The "Cops Behaving Badly" Thread

Originally Posted by dan30oly (Post 12093839)

I thought we weren't putting death videos on here any longer.

I can't see a damn thing. Except for a dog that runs away. Smart dog.

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