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blkdragon6 11-09-04 12:33 AM

Whine whine whine
I know I'm just a lurker, but I would like to make an observation about those that actually do engage in discussion.

Why all the whining and then the whining about whiners?

Please stop being babies so I can read some intelligent discussion.

Thank you.

edit for typo.

Th0r S1mpson 11-09-04 12:41 AM

<img src="http://www.rundom.com/houssein/media/moore_oscar.jpg">

"So I was like... we have a fictitious president who stole the election, and people were like, Boooooo. Then people started booing the booers. Booooo. And then the President, like, totally kicked the next guy's butt with a clear outcome and people were whining. And then people started whining about the whiners. And I was like... man, I can't wait to go back to Europe and tell people how bad my country SUCKS."

Myster X 11-09-04 12:44 AM


taa455 11-09-04 12:47 AM


:lol: Sorry, I saw this pic in another thread and couldn't resist reusing it here.

VinVega 11-09-04 08:28 AM

Don't see much coming out of this thread, but at least it's an excuse to post this picture :up:

sfsdfd 11-09-04 08:28 AM

If you want intelligent discussion, how about participating to add something intelligent?

Which, by the way, this thread doesn't.

- David Stein

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