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Y2K Falcon 11-02-04 01:22 PM

How will you follow the election results?
Check as many as apply, but more importantly, discuss. I did my best to be complete. :)

My wife is going to her mom's to pour over the tv coverage. But her candidate (and her mom's) is not my candidate. They will spend some time on local stations, to follow local races.

I may pop in a movie and check occasionally, or I might compulsively surf the web for results with election results on the TV nonstop.

SunMonkey 11-02-04 01:36 PM


Mad Dawg 11-02-04 01:40 PM

A bunch. I will be channel surfing, web surfing, and, for the time I'm gone to vote, listening in the car.

About a week ago, I had lost interest in this whole race. I firmly agreed with my gf's insistance that "this election needs to fuck off." But when it comes down to brass tacks, I just can't not care about Election Day.

Th0r S1mpson 11-02-04 01:43 PM

I will havet he TV on and I already have most of the major online poll trackers open on my computer screen. And these threads of course. :)

dick_grayson 11-02-04 01:45 PM

If Kerry wins, I might tune into Fox news to see how they're handling it. Otherwise, I'll be flipping between the Daily Show and a major news broadcast (or maybe pbs). I will be all zooted though, so I might end up watching Family Guy or Canadian Parliament or something. ;)

Birrman54 11-02-04 02:03 PM

I'll watch Daily Show, CNN (we don't get Fox News here), and probably NBC or one of the other networks.

I'll also be on DVDTalk, and I'll check out the WSJ tomorrow.


Kaffe_02 11-02-04 02:12 PM

Ill be flipping between Fox News and the Daily Show

kninestile 11-02-04 02:26 PM

I will be listening to the radio so as not to interupt playing the new Grand Theft Auto. :D

shizawn 11-02-04 02:31 PM

Since I'll be at work until the voting (except in Alaska) is complete, I'll be checking CNN.com mostly.

das Monkey 11-02-04 02:47 PM

I remember 4 years ago, DVD Talk was a better source of information than the major news networks. I'd see something here or go check an online recount site and then wouldn't see that info for at least half an hour on TV, and sometimes they got it wrong. So, I'll watch <i>The Daily Show</i> for entertainment and probably check here and other various websites.


solipsta 11-02-04 03:03 PM

I'm gonna be sticking around here for the most part. Mostly because I don't have cable here...

Tony Dvdfan 11-02-04 03:04 PM

I'll be flipping between CNN/Fox news, but primarily checking here for news and numbers.

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