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Do you enjoy driving?

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Do you enjoy driving?

This phenomenon known as "sunday driver" befuddles me. People actually enjoy driving? I drive to get to where I need to go. I don't think I'd actually ever enjoy driving because I'm always driving to get to some place. Even if I was driving a ferrari or 'insert dream car here' I don't think I'd enjoy it. Perhaps that's because of my location. It's really shitty traffic and no scenery whatsoever here in central Florida. Enjoy driving? Impossible.
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I do enjoy driving, I always listen to an audio book and I always feel like I am accomplishing something even while I'm driving to work which is a good hour and a half commute every day.

I have also been on several 4000+ mile drives to different parts of the country, and all that time I was listening to audio books, music or watching Family Guy on my laptop.

I can see what you mean about traffic, I would not want to be stuck in it; audiobooks or not!
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I used to go for long, random drives. I'd head out for a few hours and just go places I hadn't been before. I don't do it as much, but still enjoy getting out there once in a while.
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Yeah, I like randomly driving around, but I'm in a rural area where traffic isn't an issue. I doubt anybody likes going for a Sunday drive on busy streets.
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I still love to drive. I have a nice enough car and good sounds, so I enjoy it.
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Love to drive but hate other drivers.
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Sometimes i enjoy the drive listening to music with the windows down, but generally its just to get where i need to go. I don't really care to go just for drives. Waste of gas.
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Not the every day go-to-work kind of drive. Now if I'm visiting new places and seeing new things, it can be fun.
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I know what you are saying... I was born and raised in Central Florida and when I used to have to drive from Orlando to Apopka for my job it was pay the fucking tolls on the East-West or sit in horrible fucking traffic on 436 or OBT. I hated driving. But since moving to NYC a few years ago, I truly miss being able to jump in my car and just go whereever the hell I want to. Every time I visit back home, I can't wait to get into my rental and just drive everywhere. Of course when I move back and have to start braving the traffic again, Im sure Ill change my mind again.
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Old 05-31-08, 03:42 PM
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Hell no.
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Nope...I can't stand driving. I got my license at 23 out of necessity in order to get full-time at my job. I pretty much only drive to and from work at this point.
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Hate it!
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i often drift when i drive...

having fatal thoughts of suicide...
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Originally Posted by wendersfan
My thoughts exactly.
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No, I don't enjoy driving. If public transportation was available with my schedule, I would take it instead.
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I don't care for driving. I use to ride around the US back when gas was cheaper (.78/gal). Now I mostly drive only when absolutely necessary, like when I have to get to the airport.
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Quite often, yes. Like someone else said, I don't like the other jackasses on the road, and I don't like filling up the tank. But just driving is fine. Money permitting, I'd love to hit the road with my ipod and my GPS and just drive around.
Stuck on the interstate behind rubberneckers or construction? Getting lost (though the GPS helps now)? Being late to things due to unexpected traffic? No, I don't like those parts of driving.
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I like driving when I'm not surrounded by other cars. I like to ride my motorcycle along rural highways. I like seeing places I haven't been to before.

We were going to take a motorcycle ride on Sunday, but my bike needs brake work.
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I like driving very much. Its kind of like riding a horse only with pedals and your balls dont get slamed as much.
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I don't enjoy driving. I much prefer to take public transportation. I just wish I had some where I live.
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Hell no.
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I drive a large portion of my day for work. When it comes to my recreational time, I try to let my wife do as much of the driving as possible.
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When there's no traffic driving is fun. When I got my Impreza I was amazed at how fun it is to drive (decent power, AWD, manual tranny) so there were times I would go for a drive just for kicks. Now at 4.17 a gallon that ain't happening anymore but nearly 5 years later I still get a smile on my face every time I shift from 3rd to 4th. It's all about having a car that's fun to drive even if it isn't the fastest one on the road.
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I used to love driving, especially at night - the solitude, good music on the stereo, fresh air coming through the windows - but not anymore. With the price of gas, drivers that are either stupid, selfish, dangerous or all of the above, that pleasure died a long time ago.

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I used to enjoy driving. I used to take my car out and drive for for a couple hours not really going anywhere. Mainly, hilly mountain roads and freeways at night.

Now, I just drive when I have to.
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