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kevin75 04-20-08 09:58 PM

YAET: Picture uploading help needed
i have been trying to list an auction tonight and ebay is hacking me off. i am trying to put a picture of the book with the auction. i uploaded the picture to photobucket and rotated it around to the correct angle and saved it. however, whenever i try to insert it into the ebay auction, the picture displayed is the original angle that is off by 90 degrees and i can't find anywhere on ebay's site that can help me other than 'live help'. does anyone have any idea as to what i can do to fix the problem? i never used to have this issue with their uploading software.

Jacoby Ellsbury 04-20-08 10:22 PM

save it to your hard drive and upload it that way, delete when you are done if you dont want the pic on your computer

crazyronin 04-21-08 05:01 AM

Plus the bukket sucks as of late. I would go with the golden frog.

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